What we believe...

  1. We believe in the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Palmarian Church.
  2. We believe that, due to the apostasy of the Roman Catholic Church, God, in His infinite Wisdom, Power and Providence, has saved His Church through the transfer of the Holy See of Peter from Rome to Palmar de Troya.
  3. We believe that in December of 1975, the Order of Carmelites of the Holy Face was established by Divine mandate.
  4. We believe that by Divine Providence, Archbishop Peter Ngo Dinh Thuc conferred the Sacrament of Orders on several members of the said Carmelite Order and the same members were then consecrated Bishops by the same Archbishop Thuc, with the authority given to him by Saint Pope Pius XI.
  5. We believe that God had directly conferred the Sacrament of the Papacy on Bishop Ferdinand in the city of Santa Fe de Bogotá, in Colombia, who took the name of Gregory XVII and established his See in Palmar de Troya, Seville, Spain.
  6. We believe that the Holy Palmarian Council 1980-1992 is a fully legitimate and, indeed, holy council of the Palmarian Catholic Church, having been assisted by the Holy Ghost throughout its existence and that the same council is dogmatic, and its teachings are binding on all members of the Mystical Body of Christ and all else who desire eternal salvation.
  7. We believe that Pope Gregory XVII had eventually lost all authority as Pope, Bishop and member of the Catholic Church due to his personal heretical beliefs which led to his falling into other most grave errors, including the confecting of a heretical “bible” called the “Sacred History” or “Palmarian Bible”.
  8. We believe that the Bible or Sacred Scriptures that the Catholic Church has been using for the last 16 centuries, is and always will be the one, true Bible and that it is infallibly free of errors as defined by the Holy Council of Trent and reaffirmed explicitly by Pope Leo XIII (Providentisimus Deus), Pope Benedict XV (Spiritus Paraclitus) and Pope Pius XII (Divino Afflante Spiritu).
  9. We believe that a Pope is infallible in his teachings to the entire Church on faith and morals, as long as he hasn’t lost that infallibility and authority through personal sins of heresy, as is indicated in canon 188.4 of the Code of Canon Law of the Catholic Church (of the year 1917) and taught by Pope Innocent III:
  10. "It is necessary to obey a Pope in all things as long as he does not go against the universal customs of the Church, but should he go against the universal customs of the Church, he need not be followed." encyclical--De Consuetudine
  11. We believe that from the moment that Pope Gregory XVII had fallen into formal heresy: all laws, declarations, teachings, announcements, proclamations and prohibitions by Pope Gregory XVII and anyone in communion with him are to be considered as doubtful. Therefore, they are not binding since he has no papal, episcopal, sacerdotal or Christian authority whatsoever, nor do those who are in communion with him. Exempt are those who, by invincible ignorance, are not aware that he has fallen into heresy. This teaching is mentioned above in points 9 and 10 and is supported by the authority mentioned in each point.
  12. We believe that under normal circumstances, a Pope has the authority to name his successor, which is to say that, after the pope’s death, once the position has been accepted, the Bishop named becomes the legitimate pope.
  13. We believe that since Pope Gregory XVII had fallen into formal heresy before naming his successor, the act of naming his successor was and is absolutely invalid. In addition, the bishop named as Pope Gregory’s successor is not able to accept the position of pope, since having accepted the heretical “Palmarian Bible”, he is also in formal heresy, and therefore not a member of the Church since that time. We believe that in the true Church, One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Palmarian, the See of Peter is vacant until, through Divine Providence, another pope is elected from within the bosom of the same.
  14. We believe that when a member of the true Church apostatizes, other members of the Church who are in a position to do so, not only have a right, but an obligation to communicate with the apostate out of true charity and love for the purpose of helping the apostate return to the true faith, as is taught in numerous episodes in the Gospel as well as other Catholic sources.
  15. We believe that family members of a legitimately excommunicated member of the Church have the right and obligation to communicate with the excommunicate in order to help him/her repent of his/her grave error in order that the excommunication be lifted and he/she can take advantage of the sacraments and graces of the Church, as is taught in the Moral Theology of the Catholic Church.
  16. We believe that, with the special Providence of God, and poor correspondence to grace by ourselves, we remain members of the very same Order of Carmelites of the Holy Face, in company of Jesus and Mary, which was established in December of 1975 for the purpose of the continuity of the true Church, which includes necessarily, the apostolic succession.



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