Innovative Technologies for Sonic Performance
JBL Northridge Series loudspeakers incorporate a wealth of innovative technologies to deliver outstanding sonic performance in home-theater and stereo/audio system
The tweeters feature domes made from 75 percent titanium deposited on a lightweight substrate for high strength and rigidity. The tweeters provide excellent transient response, clarity and resolution without "hardness" or ringing, along with increased power handling.
The tweeters operate in conjunction with JBL's unique Elliptical Oblate Spheroid™ (EOS) waveguide, which delivers the same response off-axis as it does on-axis and directs sound toward the listening area and away from the side walls, for a wider soundfield with more precise imaging.
The Northridge Series' woofers and midrange drivers utilize paper cones made from JBL's special PolyPlas™ cone treatment that dampens internal resonances, provides a smooth frequency response with tight, defined bass and allows higher-volume playback without distortion. These drivers feature a unique HeatScape™ vented polepiece motor structure that provides efficient heat dissipation for accurate driver performance even during high-volume playback.
All Northridge Series loudspeakers employ JBL's FreeFlow™ port technology, utilizing a specially shaped bass port tuned to the woofer and cabinet for extended low-frequency response and improved efficiency. All models are shielded, allowing placement close to a TV set.
Northridge Series Models N24, N24AW, N26, N26AW and N-CENTER feature enclosures made from a special high-strength, acoustically inert plastic composite material, precisely molded into shapes designed to reduce diffraction from the front baffle and eliminate internal standing waves, with integral bracing molded as part of the inside enclosure walls to add strength and rigidity and attenuate unwanted cabinet colorations.
Matt Nelson, JBL Associate Engineer noted: "Professionals and consumers alike know that when they see the JBL brand on a loudspeaker, they're going to hear great sound-and the Northridge Series is no exception. Named for JBL's state-of-the-art Loudspeaker Design and Acoustics Facility in Northridge, California, the Northridge Series has been created using the world's most sophisticated design, engineering and measurement tools, along with hundreds of hours of critical listening and evaluation. The loudspeakers' design principles and technologies are directly derived from JBL's Professional Series LSR studio monitors. And thanks to JBL's advanced production techniques and manufacturing efficiencies, we are able to offer the Northridge Series loudspeakers at prices that reflect unprecedented value."
19 August 1999
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March 23, 2001
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I personally recommend the JBL's because they were designed using technologies employed in JBL's professional recording studio monitors, specifically, the design principles and technologies directly derived from JBL's "highly acclaimed" Professional Series LSR studio monitors.

Unveiled in 1998, the LSR Series is a much-lauded development from
JBL. In particular, the clarity of imaging and transparency from its TEC Award-winning LSR28P monitors have drawn praise from mixing engineers.
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1999 TEC Awards
Studio Monitor Technology