Exact-Sort is a new sort algorithm. If you any objection please let me know [email protected] .

The idea behind Exact-Sort is to locate the elements to their sorted positions at once. To find the exact positions of elements it counts the smaller elements than the element which is indented to be located. For example in an array sorted by length, if there are n shorter guys than me, I know exatly where to stand: at n+1 th position.

Exact-Sort changes elements positions just once, to directly their destination - with no extra trip lik other sort algorithms. If changing positions of elements is costly in your process you may want to use Exact-Sort algorithm. No sort algorithm can sort an array with less position changing (relocating) than Exact-Sort. This is clear, isn't it. For example if you are working in fridge shop and want to sort your fridges according to their price, the best algorithm for you is Exact-Sort.

On the other hand Exact-Sort makes too much comparisons to find positions of elements. So if comparing two elements is costly, you wont go for Exact-Sort.

And here is the demo;
Exact Sort

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Download the source code.
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