Ozark Gaited Saddle Club
2006 Horse Show Program
Horse Shows - 3rd Saturday, April thru August, 6:00 PM
Gate Admission: $2.00 (12 and Under Free) Class Entry Fee: $2.00.  Negative Coggins Required, No Alcoholic Beverages on Premises.
High Point Bounty at the Year's End.  1st Place:  $500.00, 2nd Place: $350.00, 3rd Place:  $150.00, 4th Place:  $100.00, & 5th Place: $50.00.  To qualify for points you must be a member of Ozark Gaited Saddle Club before the show.  Points are based on the number of horses in the class.  Five points for 1st, four points for 2nd, three points for 3rd, 2 pts for 4th and one point for fifth.  Less than five horses, minus one point per horse in class (ex: 2 horses--2 pts. for 1st and 1 pt. for second.)Registration Sheets will be available at the Registration Desk.  Annual Membership Fee is $15.00 for a single or family membership.  After July 1st membership fees will be $20.00 for family and $15.00 for single. For more information contact Henry Brewster at 870-231-1946 or Sheri McBride at 870-251-9988
Class 1:  Model, Missouri Foxtrotters (18 and Older)
Class 2:  Model, Other Gaited Breeds (18 and Older)
Class 3:  Model, Youth, All Gaited Breeds (17 and Younger)
Class 4:  Model, Gaited Ponies (56" or Less)
Class 5:  Youth Showmanship (17 & Under-No Stallions)
Class 6:  Leadline - Riders 6 and Under, Free, No Points
Class 7:  Flat Shod Pleasure
Class 8:  Youth Foxtrot, (17 and Younger-No Stallions)
Class 9:  2 & 3 Yr. Old, Gaited Pleasure
Class 10: Showmanship (18 & Older)
Class 11:  Sr. Citizens, All Gaited Flat Shod Breeds (Rider 55 & Older
Class 12:  Youth Gaited Pleasure (Riders 17 & Under-No Stallions)
Class 13:  2 & 3 Yr. Old Foxtrot
Class 14:  Slow Gait, All Gaited Breeds, All Ages
Class 15:  Men's Style, Padded - 18 & Older
Class 16:  Ladies Foxtrot -- 18 & Older
Class 17:  Western Pleasure, All Breeds, All Ages (2 Gait)
Class 18:  Ladies Style Padded -- 18 & Older
Class 19:  Ozark Jubilee Foxtrotters--Ozark Members only, Free-No Points
Class 20:  Ozark Jubilee Gaited Pleasure (flatshod) Ozark members only, Free-No   Points
Class 21:  Equitation --All Ages, All flatshod Breeds
Class 22:  Men's Gaited Pleasure-Flatshod, 18 & Over
Class 23:  Barrel Racing - gaited horses only - Helmets Required
Class 24:  Pole Bending - gaited horses only - Helmets Required
Class 25:  Venus and Mars (Points go to Each Rider in the top 5 Places)
Class 26:  Spotted Saddle Horse, Gaited Pleasure, Western or English Tack
Class 27:  Men's Foxtrot, 18 & Over
Class 28:  Ladies Gaited Pleasure-Flatshod, 18 & Over
The August show is held with two other gaited horse clubs, Arkansas Chapter MFTHBA and Arkansas Gaited Horse Show Association.  It will be held on August 18th and will begin at 4:00 PM.  Entry Fees may vary at this show.  All shows will be held at the Ozark Gaited Saddle Club in Jamestown, located on Hwy 230 between Southside and Locust Grove.  Concession Stand for your convenience in the club house.  We look forward to seeing you there.  Bring your lawn chairs if you wish.  Bleacher seating provided. 
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