The ever-stupid Cosmo and the compassionate Wanda are fairy godparents who grant wishes for their 10-year-old godchild, Timmy Turner, usually with errant results. But they mean well, and Timmy loves them very much. And they love him like a son. Cosmo & Wanda's relationship shows that love can be found between even people with opposite IQs, as Cosmo is absent-minded and Wanda is quite intelligent.

Not much is known on Cosmo & Wanda's past, but here's what is known. In a much earlier time, Wanda, who is rumored to have killed the dinosaurs, had been dating the sexy fairy Juandissimo Magnifico. It is unknown what exactly happened between them, but perhaps due to Juandissimo's vanity, she broke up with him. Juandissimo's been pining for her ever since.
Cosmo, who had been working at a local diner at the time, apparently fell in love with Wanda for her intelligence, and Wanda loved him because he was cute. Cosmo's mother, Mama Cosma, really disliked Wanda, as she didn't like the idea of Cosmo settling down with anyone. In order to elope with Wanda, Cosmo ran away from home, telling his mother that he was going out to buy milk. By the events of the episode "Apartnership!", Cosmo & Wanda have been married for 9,895 years.

A lot of things may have happened to them during that period, but most of them are never known. What we do know is that they served as fairy godparents for Denzel Crocker in the early 1970's. Unfortunately, an incident involving their selves from thirty years later caused poor Denzel's secret to be revealed, and they were taken away from him. Their next assignment was evidently young Bill Gates.
Their time to care for Timmy Turner came about a year after Vicky the Babysitter started terrorizing him. They showed up via Timmy's Magic 9 Ball, which he had just smashed at the time. At first, Timmy wasn't so positive about meeting Cosmo & Wanda, but after his first day with them, Timmy loved them like they were his best friends. Being Timmy's fairy godparents, Cosmo & Wanda usually transform into various animals and objects to avoid being seen by other people, most commonly as Timmy's pet goldfish. As Timmy's fairy godparents, Cosmo & Wanda even gave birth to their own son, Baby Poof, as a result of one of Timmy's wishes.

C+W: "And we're..."


Species: Fairies

Known Aliases (both): C&W; Mr. & Mrs. GodTurner; Cosma & Wando (gender switch).

Known Aliases (Cosmo): Cosmean; Cosmo Khan.

Known Aliases (Wanda): Venus.

Known Relatives (Cosmo): Mama Cosma (mother); an unnamed father.

Known Relatives (Wanda): Blonda (sister).

Known Pets (Cosmo): Phillip the Nickel; Steve the Hog; Snowball the Hydra; Carl the Ant; Cindy the Bee; Jimmy the Cat.

Known Pets (Wanda): none

Citizenship: Fairy World

Known Confidants: Timmy Turner; Jimmy Neutron.

Known Rivals (both): Denzel Q. Crocker (former godchild); Vicky the Babysitter; Jorgen Von Strangle; the Anti-Fairies; the Pixies.

Known Rivals (Cosmo): Juandissimo Magnifico.

Known Rivals (Wanda): The Tooth Fairy; Mama Cosma.

Paraphernalia: Wands; floating crowns; "Da Rules" book.

Voice Actor (Cosmo): Daran Norris

Voice Actor (Wanda): Susanne Blakeslee

First Appearance: Regulars on "The Fairly OddParents!" since the "Oh Yeah! Cartoons" short of the same name.

Timmy: "What are you guys doing here?!" Cosmo: "I'll get my lab coat!" Cosmo: "Stupid ketchup!"
Cosmo & Wanda during the Middle Ages. Wanda: "He wished for it!" Cosmo & Wanda at their high school reunion.

Episodes For Cosmo & Wanda Fans

  • "Dog's Day Afternoon!": When Timmy switches his brain with that of Vicky's dog, Cosmo & Wanda have to split up in order to keep an eye on both of them. Although Wanda doesn't seem to mind their separation, Cosmo is absolutely heartbroken until they cross paths again.
  • "Apartnership!": Thinking that Wanda's forgotten their anniversary, Cosmo goes back home to his mother and admits to her that he had married Wanda. Timmy and Wanda follow him, and by way of "The Fairy Dating Game" (hosted by Cupid), Timmy tries to get Cosmo & Wanda back together.
  • "Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary": Cosmo & Wanda come upon Juandissimo, Wanda's ex-boyfriend, who happens to be a fairy godparent for one of Timmy's rivals. Cosmo is quite furious with Juandissimo, and tries to defend Wanda from him, despite continually being turned into a turtle.
  • "Love Struck!": Timmy wishes that Earth be divided among the genders, and that leaves all the males separated from the females, including Cosmo from Wanda. Soon, all the guys find themselves missing their female counterparts, and Cosmo's no exception!
  • "Abra-Catastophe!": Cosmo is very, very upset when Mr. Crocker captures Wanda, because he feels he can't do anything right without her. He then buffs himself up in a valiant (yet unsuccessful) attempt to rescue Wanda!
  • "Truth or Cosmoquences": In order to cover up for the lies that Cosmo has told to their schoolmates (he claims to have become a successful billionaire), Wanda reluctantly passes as his "dowdy, unmarried secretary" at the class reunion. Juandissimo then takes advantage of Cosmo's lies to make his move on Wanda, forcing Cosmo to come clean and admit the truth.
  • "School's Out! The Musical": When Timmy wishes for kids to rule the world, this puts "Da Rules" into turmoil and Jorgen has Cosmo & Wanda arrested for granting that wish. Jorgen demands that Wanda blame Cosmo for this mess, but she refuses, and she and Cosmo then proceed to distract Jorgen by singing "a stupid gooey love song" (the lyrics of which are presented below) in which the couple remind us how much they love each other.


Cosmo: A hug would be nice!!

Cosmo: Now that I'm alone, I can get out my little black book and parrrrty! (leafing through book) Lessee, Wanda, Wanda, Wanda... Wanda with a star beside it... Panda, no that's Wanda with a smudge on the 'W'... Wahhhhh! I miss Wanda!

Cosmo: You always were great with dessert!

Cosmo: Well, she's not perfect, but she is the one who said yes.

Cosmo: I slaved over a hot wand for this?!!

Cosmo: We're two halves of a whole idiot!

Cosmo: I'm not bright, big words confuse me, I have the attention span of a rodent, and Wanda loves me anyway! She makes me happy, and that should be enough for you!

Wanda: Sorry... I'm happily married.

Wanda: Oh, shut up and kiss me, will you?

Cosmo: (singsong) I married the smart one!
Wanda: (singsong) I married the... Well, he's cute, right?

Cosmo: The system's trying to take [Timmy] prisoner!
Wanda: We're all prisoners... on the inside!
Cosmo: I love you!

Cosmo: If I could just light these candles, we could eat!
Wanda: Did it ever occur to you we're in a fishbowl filled with water?
Cosmo: That's why I'm trying to light these candles. Somebody's got to dry up all this wet food!

Cosmo: �Tengo un cerdo en mis pantalones!
Wanda: You have a hog in your pants?
Cosmo: �S�!

Wanda: He thinks everything's funny. Watch. (to Cosmo) Pudding.
Cosmo: Ha! Ha! Ha! She said 'pud' then 'ding'!

Wanda: We don't want to be [Vicky's] godparents! She's mean!
Cosmo: Yeah, we like Timmy better! His hat is pink!

Wanda: Oh, for the love of Pete!
Cosmo: Who's Pete!? Is this someone I should know about!?

Cosmo: Yup. You know, you've gained weight.
Wanda: You know, we can still lie to each other.
Cosmo: I know.

Wanda: You're still the most oblivious idiot on the face of the earth!
Cosmo: OK, but there are children present!
Wanda: Awww! I love you!
Cosmo: What? How can you say that?! What year is this?

Cosmo: Wanda! You've got some 'splaining to do!
Wanda: Even though that's not the way everyone says "explaining", I respect our differences and however you'd like to say it.
Cosmo: Uh, babaloo?
Wanda: That too.

Cosmo: High fin!
Wanda: (when they can't do it) How about a kiss instead?

Wanda: I promise to not get mad at you unless you really mess up.
Cosmo: You mean like I will tomorrow?
Wanda: It's a date!

Cosmo: Isn't that how we met, Wanda? I was about to jump into a vat full of sharp spikes rather than admit I lied to you?
Wanda: No. But ain't love grand?

Wanda scolds Cosmo after she gets rid of a bomb he was holding. Cosmo tries to explain something. Cosmo & Wanda with their past counterparts. Cosmo & Wanda dancing at Timmy's Fairyversary party! Timmy: "You guys are the greatest!" Wanda giving Cosmo a kiss.

When Cosmo Met Wanda Cosmo forgets his lines on his and Wanda's wedding day. "Blame Cosmo?"

"Floating with You" Lyrics

Wanda: I was lost
Till he found me
And although he confounds me
By his crown
Is where I know I should be
Yes, I know he's a moron
With a brain made of boron
And yet, I'm drawn to him magically

And through every moment of turmoil
And moment of pain
Through all of our misadventures
One thing remains

Facing pixies, bullies, and jarheads
I'll never be blue
As long as I'm floating
With you

Cosmo: I saw her and no other
I still lived with my mother
When I spotted her swirly pink hair
Though my shoes smell like tar pits
And I don't wash my armpits
I like monkeys too much,
But I know she doesn't care

And I know that I'm forgetful
I know I'm dim
And even though I've just eaten
I know I'll swim

I know that it doesn't matter
If I can't count to two
As long as I'm floating
With you

Both: Even though we're in deep here
And they might make us sleep here
Here with you, dear, is
Where we both make our stand

Wanda: I am braced for attack and
Cosmo: Knowing she has my back and
Both: All I need is your hand
In my hand

Wanda: Baby, I know
I can be nagging
Cosmo: I know you're naggy too
Wanda: I know that I'm demanding
Cosmo: (Oh, man is that true.) But one thing I'm understanding

Both: No matter what we go through
I'd rather go through it
I know I'll get through it
If I'm floating through it
With you

Cosmo & Wanda are truly one of the great animated couples who, even if they're not at all alike, just seem perfect for each other.

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