Putnam County, Indiana

Hawkins County, Tennessee Deed Book 15: 397-398

George Gibson of Putnam County, Indiana to Simon Collins of  Hawkins County, $150, tract on Black Water Creek, part of a 300-acre tract granted by the State to James Johnson and Moses Humphrey, containing 50 acres more or less and witness by Vardy [his mark] Collins, Burrell [his mark] Sullivan and Morgan Collins.

Hawkins County Deed Book 15: 398

February 14, 1835

Jordan Gibson to Simeon Collins, of Hawkins County, $200, the west fork of Black Water Creek, part ofa 300-acre tract granted to James Johnston and Moses Humphreys... a patent line south of Powells Mountain, Signed by Jordon [his mark] Gibson and witnessed by Vardy Collins and Alfred Collins.

1830 Putnam County, Indiana
Page 186
George Gibson
1male 10-15
1male 70-80

1female under 15
1female 20-30
1female 40-50

George Gibson
1male under 5
1male 20-30
2female under 5
1female 20-30

Page 184
Garret Gipson  <Son of Garrett, Grandson of Valentine Gibson>

2male under 10
1male 15-20
1male 20-30
1male 40-50

1female under 5
1female 10-15
1female 15-20
1female 40-50

Lewis Gipson
Camel Gipson
Arthur Gipson
Henry Collins
William Collins

This is some of the information I have gathered over the years on the family of Garrett Gibson. It is by no means complete or without errors. If you have something to add or correct please Email Me
[email protected] Descendants of Garrett Gibson

Descendants of Garrett Gibson

Generation No. 1

1.  GARRETT5 GIBSON  was born 1752 in Stokes County, Virginia, and died 1831 in Delaware County, Indiana.  He married PRUDENCE SUMNER Abt. 1779 in Surry County, North Carolina, daughter of ROBERT SUMNER and PHOEBE BEALS.  She was born March 10, 1760 in Guilford, North Carolina, and died September 28, 1835 in Delaware County, Indiana.


1774 Capt Martin Armstrong's district
- Joel Gibson 1 William Gibson 1
Capt John Deatherage district
- Valentine Gibson, son James, son Garreet 3

2.    i.    WILLIAM6 GIBSON, b. August 20, 1780, Surry County, North Carolina; d. September 23, 1853, Delaware County, Indiana.
    ii.    AMELIA GIBSON, b. June 06, 1786.
    iii.    GARRETT GIBSON, b. 1787, Surry County, North Carolina; d. September 29, 1870, Delaware County, Indiana; m. ELIZABETH RHODES.
    iv.    ANNA GIBSON, b. 1789; m. JONATHON MILLS, September 12, 1809, Jefferson County, Tennessee.

Notes for ANNA GIBSON:
Jonathan Mills ,   b.21 Oct 1789,   Guilford co,NC

marr: 12 Sep 1809, Jefferson co,TN
Anna Gibson   (abt 1789 - ? )

dau of Garrett Gibson   & Prudence Sumners

3.    v.    VALENTINE GIBSON, b. December 24, 1789; d. April 07, 1845, Muncie, Indiana.
4.    vi.    BOWATER GIBSON, b. November 09, 1793, Stokes County, North Carolina; d. July 12, 1867, Delaware County, Indiana.
    vii.    SARAH GIBSON, b. 1798.
    viii.    ABIGAIL GIBSON, b. 1801; d. November 14, 1873, Delaware County, Indiana; m. HENRY TAYLOR.
    ix.    ROBERT GIBSON, b. 1804, Jefferson County, Indiana; d. March 12, 1858, Delaware County, Indiana; m. (1) SALLY HEATON; m. (2) MARY CHEESEMAN; m. (3) NANCY DAVIS, January 12, 1837.
    x.    SUSAN MARTHA GIBSON, b. 1806.

Generation No. 2

2.  WILLIAM6 GIBSON  was born August 20, 1780 in Surry County, North Carolina, and died September 23, 1853 in Delaware County, Indiana.  He married RACHEL DEWITT.

I, William Gibson of Delaware County and State of Indiana, being weak in boddy,(sic) but of sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding, thanks be to Almighty God for the same, do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner form following that is to say, First, it is my will that my funeral expences(sic) and all my just Debts be fully paid, Second, I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Rahael (sic) Gibson, in Lieu of her dower a full and competent maintainance(sic) during her natural life time from the rents and proffits(sic) of the plantation on which we now live, situated in the County and State aforesaid containing about Eighty Acres, and that at the death of my said wife all the above described property be Equally divided among the following named heirs - Nancy Ogle, Valentine Gibson, Lucinda Ogle, Patsy Turner, John Gibson, Abigail Shockly and Isaac Suite. And lastly, I hereby constitute and appoint Jonas Turner and my son, John Gibson to be the Executor for this my last will and testament, revoking and annulling all former wills by me made and ratified and confirmed this and no other to be last will and testament. On testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand and Seal this twelfth day of April Eighteen hundred and fifty two. Signed: William Gibson (his x mark)
Witnessed by us:
James H. Rosebrough
William R. Turner (his x mark)
(Source: Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana - Bracken Library - Archives and Special Collections)

    i.    NANCY7 GIBSON, b. 1801.
    ii.    LUCINDA GIBSON, b. 1803.
    iii.    PATSY GIBSON, b. 1807.
    iv.    VALENTINE GIBSON, b. 1808.
    v.    ABIGAIL GIBSON, b. 1810.
    vi.    WILLIAM GIBSON, b. 1825.

3.  VALENTINE6 GIBSON  was born December 24, 1789, and died April 07, 1845 in Muncie, Indiana.  He married (1) ELIZA FRAZER.    He married (2) CATHERINE HARROLD January 31, 1809 in Jefferson County, Tennessee.

Surry County, North Carolina Court Minutes, 2nd Thursday, November, 1788:

"State vs. Jonathan HARROLD; same jury except Wm. PHILLIPS in room of Wm. FREEMAN; Archelouis GIBSON, witness for Pltf., 80 miles, 5 days; Garrott GIBSON, 80 Miles, 5 days; John GIBSON, 100 miles 5 days; Aron LISBY, 120 miles, 3 days; James GIBSON, 80 miles, 5 days; Samuel PARKER, 72 miles, 3 days; Richard NUNNS, witness for Deft. 100 miles, 2 days."

This tract lies adjoining the entry made by Mr. Beeson, on the north, so all the lands entered in Monroe township prior to 1828 was this strip of land, one mile long by one-fourth of a mile wide. During the year I828 Valentine Gibson entered the west half of the southeast quarter of section 2; Robert Gibson the west half of the northeast quarter of section 12, and Zenas Beeson the east half of the northeast quarter of section 23.

Thus it will be seen that in the space of two years five settlers only had taken up their abode within a territory of about two and a half miles each way, and this was about the time that Mr. Jonathan Mills concluded that the neighborhood was becoming entirely too thickly settled for him. During the year 1829 there were five entries in the township. They were Peter Simmons, in section l0; Willliam Gibson, in section 12; Rebecca Gable, in section 15, and Laurel(Samuel) Brown and James Mansfield, in section 23. Thus in three years from the time of the first purchase of public lands in Monroe township there were but ten entries of about 800 acres.

However, it should not be presumed that there were only ten families living in the township at this time, for we find many settlers lived on and improved their land extensively before making their purchase. This was, perhaps, in many instances on account of financial inability, and, perhaps, sometimes neglect. Be that as it may, it is a matter of history that these delays very frequently caused neighborhood troubles and feuds that required years to heal, as sometimes one man would improve land that some one would enter and dispossess the original squatter. (Pages 123 and 124)

The following entries were in a book "Marriages of Jefferson County, TN
1792-1836" Compiled by Rucker Whitley, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.,
Baltimore, 1982..
William Gibson to Margaret Johnston on 31 Jan., 1797.

Valentine Gibson to Nancy Twinney on 16 Oct., 1807.

Valentine Gibson to Catherine Harold on 31 Jan., 1809.

Notes for Valentine Gibson:
From the History of Wayne County., Indiana.....

A church, called Christian Friends, was formed about the
year 1837, and a house built near the north-east corner of
the township, on the north line. It is said to have been
formed by Valentine and Wm. Gibson, of Delaware Co.,
Ind. Hence the members were called Gibsonites. This
church had a brief existence. About eight years ago the
United Brethren formed a church here, and occupied the
house until they built a new one in 1870.


Sent by Virginia Fife
The Christian Friends Society
In 1832 or 1833, this reformed order of the Society of
Friends formed their first organization in the township, at
the house of Valentine Gibson, and met at private houses
for two years.  At the end of that time, they erected a log
meeting house on a lot donated from the Beeson farm. (My
note: Monroe Twp, Delaware Co; the Beeson also
contributed land for the Fairview Cemetery)  They used this
as a house of worship until it began to decay, and then
erected a hewed-log house in its stead, which they occupied
until about 15 yrs ago (My note: about 1866-1868)-the date
at which the present brick church was completed.  This
church is also used by the Christian denomination in the
east part of the township

    i.    ELISHA7 GIBSON, b. April 05, 1810.
    ii.    ANDREW GIBSON, b. March 08, 1811; d. February 28, 1888, Delaware County, Indiana.
    iii.    MALINDA GIBSON, b. November 11, 1812.
    iv.    ABSOLOM GIBSON, b. 1814.
    v.    LOUISA GIBSON, b. August 28, 1815.
    vi.    ASAHEL GIBSON, b. 1816.
    vii.    SARAH GIBSON, b. February 15, 1817.
    viii.    MARY BELLE GIBSON, b. April 15, 1821.
    ix.    GARRETT GIBSON, b. June 03, 1823.
    x.    AMELIA GIBSON, b. 1824.
    xi.    MARY GIBSON, b. 1828.
    xii.    ISAAC GIBSON, b. 1829.
    xiii.    JULIA ANN GIBSON, b. 1830.
    xiv.    WILLIAM GIBSON, b. 1832.

4.  BOWATER6 GIBSON was born November 09, 1793 in Stokes County, North Carolina, and died July 12, 1867 in Delaware County, Indiana.  He married MARY RHODES.
    ii.    JULIA GIBSON.
    iii.    THOMAS GIBSON, b. 1826



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