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I am starting to save all the files from this page so I am deleting stuff as as I go. Geocities is closing in Oct. We need a new home for our website. Any suggestions? Email me.

Other recent pictures of the school, town and base entrance can be found at classmates.com in the the OAHS photo album section.

Our school closed it's doors in 1993. This website has been created to give fellow OHSers a place to find each other.

Class of 1985 videos. Andy Baker has posted some videos on youtube relating to the class of 1985. One is from AFN on the Homecoming Football game and the other is graduation split into 6 videos. The link is.

Osterholz Blackhawk Reunion!!! Phoenix, AZ, October 16-18, 2009. Please contact Lyn Whitehead at [email protected] for more information.

We have a memorial section for our fellow classmates, teachers and administration that are no longer with us. If you have any additions please email them to [email protected]

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This is a "Where are They Now" and "How to Find Them List" of fellow OHSers, students and teachers.

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Make sure your information is on the list. Please send any info you want added to the Big List to [email protected]

The Big List.

An OAHS yahoo group ran by Pat Jones is up and running. Anyone who cares to join the yahoo group should send a blank email to:

[email protected]

Other OHSers have their own web pages. Additional links found with the email addresses in the Big List.

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Links to some other Brat Websites.

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Military Brats Home Page

Overseas Brats

Overseas Brats Home Page


Swithboard Home Page


Classmates.com Home Page

Department of Defense Education Activity

DoDEA Transcripts and Student Records Page


USAF in Germany

Ahlhorn Alumni Webpage


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