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On this site you will find the exposition of properties and applications of classical orthogonal polynomials introduced by M.Krawtchouk in 1929 which are till now a subject of the widest discussion and study. Besides the pages contain the historical and biographic information which will give the reader - first of all to the Western reader -  an idea of the destiny of the scientist during the Great Terror.

For about thirty years Professor Nina Virchenko has studied the biography of M. Krawtchouk and I would like to express my personal thanks for the permission to use some of her articles while preparing the biography.

Please send me your comments, suggestions, additions, links etc. Feel also free to correct my English. Inform me if you make the link to this site; I shall mention it in the enclosure. You can also use the guestbook.

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In Ukrainian original the surname of the mathematician is . In the literature you can find a big variety of spellings depending upon the native language of the author: Krawtchouk, Kravchuk, Krawtschuk etc. Here I prefer to use the French variant because the fundamental article introducing the Krawtchouk polynomials has been written in French. But there are different opinions and I asked the visitors about their point of view. The voting at Alxpoll gave the following results:

Well, vox populi - vox dei... 

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