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Welcome to Axis Biographical Research, a multinational and multifaceted undertaking encompassing the collective expertise and knowledge of many historians and history aficionados. It is intended for serious researchers, students, people tracing their own genealogy, veterans (both Allied and Axis), and anyone else with an interest in those who served the Third Reich and her allies during the Second World War. It will be readily evident that this site is far from complete, and it will always remain so (the inevitable drawback to a project of such enormous scope). I plan to remain online for many years to come, though, and will do my utmost to fill any and all gaps in the information provided here.

I cannot stress enough that this site is about history and nothing more- it is in no way intended as endorsement for ANY form of ideology or political thought. Given the enormity of this task, I have neither the time nor the inclination to champion any belief or ideal, other than objectivity and accuracy of historical research.

~ Mike Miller

In memoriam
Specialist Jason von Zerneck, U.S. Army National Guard

It has just come to my attention that Jason von Zerneck- an early and dedicated contributor to this field of research who once owned and operated "Angelray Books"- lost his life in Afghanistan in October of this year. An article on this terrible tragedy appears at My sincerest condolences go out to the family- including a wife and three children- of this kind and brave young man.
~ Mike Miller

Jason von Zerneck
(1975 - 2008)

New ! (6.IV.2009)
Waffen-SS Order of Battle
(By Georges M. Croisier)

An ABR Endorsement of Westmoreland Military and Historical Research

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With many thanks in advance for your interest,
~ Mike Miller

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