The Jamaican Shower Posse


Lester "Jim Brown" Coke
The founder of the notorious Shower Posse, Coke was believed to have been responsible for the deaths of 68 people and the shooting of 13 Jamaican police officers over a 6 month period in 1990.

Brought to trial on suspicion of murder 14 times during his reign, Coke relied on impecable connections in the Jamaican government to obtain his freedom on each charge. When he was unsure if his benefactors would come through for him, he ensured his freedom by making the key witnesses disappear. Brown and 60 of his henchmen were captured after a high profile shootout with Jamaican authoities resulting in his arrest and the implimentation of an extradition to the U.S. where he was wanted for murder and trafficking.

While awaiting extradition, Coke was mysteriously burned to death in a fire as American authorities waited in an adjacent room to spirit him back to the states.

During his incarceration, Mark Coke, the don's son was gunned down by a rival trafficker sparking a bloody war for control of the lucrative Jamaican drug market.

Coke is survived by three sons one of which is the head of the Tivoli Shower Posse an off shoot of the organization his father started.

Vivian "Jamaica Dave" Blake

* Shared power with Lester Coke
Contrary to government reports which list him as one of the leaders of the notorious Shower Posse, Vivian Blake maintains that he is the victm of the sterotype of Jamaican men as members of brutally violent drug cartels hell bent on spreading death and destruction in the quest for American riches.

Blake was indeed an accomplished poet, writer and businessman. Born of a union between a Jewish Jamaican housewife and a Jamaican merchant tailor in 1955, Vivian spent his early years attending a Roman Catholic school in London, England. By the time of his high school graduation in 1972, his family had returned to Jamaica where he graduated with high marks.

Authorities believe Blakes upper class status in Jamaica provided the key connections to government officials who turned a blind eye to the Shower Posse's criminal endeavors in return for ensuring a continued uninterruption of their parties dominance in Jamaican politics. Once the connection between the Posse and the PRI had been firmly bonded, Blake turned his attention to ensuring a piece of the American drug market for the Shower Posse setting up a base of operations in Miami during the early 80s.

Over the next 8 years, he is believed to have been responsible for the deaths of an estimated 1,400 people in a quest to exact control over his sphere of influence. Blake was named in the 1988 indictment of the Shower Posse and 38 members of the group on racketeering, murder and smuggling charges. Blake escaped a dragnet by boarding a cruise ship in Miami and sailing for Jamaica. He would remain free there until pressure from the U.S. government resulted in his arrest. For 5 years he fought against extradition to the states where prosecutors were waiting with a rock solid case against him thanks to information provided by Cecil Connor a former lieutenant. The fight ended suddenly in 1998 when he was wisked out of the country and handed over to DEA agents in Miami.

Until the end, Blake remained a popular figure with the Jamaican people who organized marches and rallys protesting his extradition. Blake received a 28 year prison sentence after a plea agreement was struck in which he provided information against his accusser who had returned to Jamaica and organized a second drug ring following his cooperation with the authorities. Blake could be free as soon as 2007.


Richard "Storyteller" Morrison
Morrison was one of 38 members of the notorious shower posse indicted in New York federal court on charges of murder, drug and weapons smuggling and a host of other racketeering related offenses in 1988. Morrison then a high ranking aide to Jim Brown and Vivian Blake successfully used the web of political protection enjoyed by his mentors to stave off arrest untill 1990.

After a year long extradition battle, Morrison was shipped to the U.S. where he was sentenced to serve a term of 30 years to life in federal prison.

Mark Anthony (Jah-T) Coke
The oldest of three sons born to Tivoli Shower Posse leader Lester Llyod Coke. Mark Anthony rose to prominence as the voice of his father after his arrest. An aggressive figure, Jah-T quickly made some serious enemies and paid with his life. Unidentified gunmen riddled the aspiring Posse leader as he rode a motor bike through Kingston on February 2. The murder of Jah-T was believed to have been a message to his father who was facing extradition to the U.S.


Maxwell Bogle
The capture of Maxwell Bogle brought to close one of the most intense manhunts for a member of the Shower Posse not considered to be an upper echelon leader. Bogle served as a collector and enforcer for the Shower Posse in the New York area.

Absolutely one of the most vicious criminals to come along in a good while, Bogle was known to use the tactic of kidnapping family members (children in particular) and raping them while waiting for the debt owed to the group to be paid. Bogle was added to the FBI's most wanted list after fleeing his usual haunts in New York after a bench warrant was issued for his arrest in 1998.

Bogle was convicted in absentia and sentenced to 68 years to life. He began serving that sentence after he was caught at a Brooklyn apartment in March of 2001. The 38 year old Bogle had been listed as one of the worlds 100 most dangerous men in January of 2001.

Ryfcogle "Kirk" Bruce
Another of the extremely violent lower ranking members of the Shower Posse arrested in 2001 for murder. Bruce was charged with the murder of Jamaican DJ Peter Forgie at a Shower Posse party in Miami in 1985. Bruce shot Forgie as he played records at the party on Third Avenue in Miami. The crime remained unsolved until Vivian Blake identified Bruce as the shooter as a part of his plea agreement which netted him a paroleable 28 year federal prison sentence.

Inspite of his prescense on the FBI's most wanted list for more than 5 years, Bruce was not charged with Forgie's murder until authorities learned he was already serving a life sentence for yet another murder in Maryland. According to eye witness reports of the Forgie Murder, Bruce blazed away at the DJ from the dance floor with an uzi in one hand and a large calibur pistol in the other.

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