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Biometric Time Attendance Software For Better Security And Accuracy  



The human body has its own unique design. Every person has specific features which one cannot find in another. For ages humans have known that the fingerprint sequence of every individual is unique to them. Technology puts this concept to use and has created a biometric analysis system. It is not just our fingerprint that stands out from the rest, even our iris, facial symmetry, palm prints and even signature analysis. The biometric system has a preloaded database which has a copy of the biometric assessments of the individuals and this enables the system to retrieve the preloaded information when one gets their palm or iris scanned. The technology works on a very simple logic but ensures cent percent safety. This is used in time attendance software based on biometric authentication.

It is always a hassle when employees crowd around a desk to put their signature before leaving or even the use of magnetic identity cards which need to be swiped. In a large firm as it is they have a huge number of employees and it is physically impossible to keep track of when one person enters and leaves. There is always room for error and the accuracy levels are not that great. Existing ERP systems can get cumbersome. Biometric time attendance software is much easier. It has a facial recognition system which recognizes a face from the CCTV camera based on the symmetry. The recognition is immediate and accurate. This will help the employer keep track of the incoming or outgoing time of the employee. Records of inventory, absence and over time can also be maintained. The interface is easy and it also allows data transmission from other sources. The voice interface makes it much easier to use. The manager is the only person who can make changes in the database.

This biometric time attendance has innumerable advantages. In the case of the use of a swipe card or magnetic identification card, anyone can swipe any card and you cannot be sure if the employee was physically present or someone else swiped the card for them. Safety issues also have to be dealt with. Magnetic cards or other methods can easily cause a security breach granting access to unauthorized personnel. This system ensures complete security by comparing the face with the database and immediately recognizing the mismatch. The security can be immediately alerted of the breach. The system can also recognise suspects. It does not require the physical presence of a person on the spot. Biometric time attendance does not require a lot of space nor does it require a high capacity processor. It will store visual history and logs.

The system has been designed with a lot of precision to provide faster recognition and easy verification. The recognition system ensures authentic data. The human face is unique when the face can be used for attendance and maximum security, why not use it? biometric systems are the latest and most innovative advancements and are the solution for any issues your company is facing be it attendance, maintenance of logs or security. Give it a try and you will surely not be disappointed.