The yearbook 'Orchids South Africa' is now published on an annual basis. Previously the ' South African Orchid Journal' was published every three months. Copies of the latest yearbook as well as back-copies of previous yearbooks and some of the orchid journals are still available.

Cover: Main Photo

Photographer:- Dr. R. van Rooyen
Cirrhopetalum eberdtii AM/SAOC 2004

Grower: van Rooyen Orchids

SAOC Species of the Year 2004

- President's Report 2004/2005: Ann Duckworth
- The Bifoliate Cattleyas - Part 1 : By H. Peters and H.J. Venter
- History of Paphiopedilum Symposia : By Angela Van Rooyen
- A Tribute : By Carmen Coll
- Phragmipediums at Wisley : By Frikkie Marais
- SAOC Species of the Year 2004 : By Roelie and Angela Van Rooyen
- Louis Vogelpoel : Adapted By Tessa Rakow
- Looking for Orchids in Central Europe : By Manfred Waltner
- Orchids in the Garden Dendrobium nobile and its hybrids : By Hendrik J. Venter
- Alfred County Goes "Walk About" : By Martin Rautenbach
- A new Habernaria species from north east Zambia : By Dr. Graham Williamson
- Cattleya intermedia : By Dan O'Connor.
- Something Different : By Tessa Rakow
- The genus Epidendrum : By Eric A. Christenson
Jewels of the Veld and Vlei - Orchids of Elim : By Ann Duckworth
- Neolauchea pulchella : By Dawn Sheard
- Vanda sanderiana : and its Influence in Vanda Breeding PART 2: Vanda sanderiana var. alba By Robert F. Fuchs
- The Ted Scheipe Memorial Yearbook Fund :
- Conservation in Action: a Kalimantan Experience : By Christo Page
- Heavy Luggage : By Eric Christenson
- What is a trend? : By Paul Phillips
- Ave et Vale : A Tribute to Pierre Joubert, By Mike O'Connor
- Plastic, Props & Pantyhose : By Goswin Matthaei
Book Review:
- Orchids Revised Edtion : By T.J. Edwards
- Mighty Miniatures No. 29 : Sophronitis coccinea By Hendrik J. Venter
- S.A. Exhibit Award Results in Dijon : By Mike Tibbs
- South African Orchid Council Awards Lists :
Orchid of the Year &
Species of the Year
South African Orchid Council Awards 2004
SAOC Slide Programmes
Accredited South African Orchid Council Judges

Cover: Main Photo

Paphiopedilum delenatii 'Angela' AM/SAOC 87%

Grower: van Rooyen Orchids

- President's Message: Ann Duckworth
- SAOC Orchid & Species of the year -
Paphiopedilum delenatii 'Angela':
Angela van Rooyen
- Unifoliate Cattleya Species - their history, habitat and culture:
Hendrelien Peters and Hendrik J Venter
- The Hanging Gardens of Melville:
James Sonnenberger
- Jewels of the Veld and Vlei - No. 11:
Ann Duckworth
- Lamp for Viewing Orchids: Stan Wedge
- African Keikis: Allen Abel
- The Orchid Specialist Group:
Hubert Kurzweil and Benny Bytebier
- Bulbophyllum ipanemense: Toni Armstrong
- England versus South Africa (we won't talk about the Rugby): Alan Pike
- Epiphytic Orchids in Garden Trees in the Western Cape:
JP Roux and H Kurzweil
- Two new Leptotes species from Brazil:
Eric A Christenson
- Book Review - A very Victorian passion: the orchid paintings of John Day: Michael Tibbs
- Mighty Minatures No. 28 - Chamaeangis hariotiana: Hendrik J Venter
- Growing Hardy Evergreen Calanthe: Frikkie Marais
- Judging complex Paphiopedilums: Paul Phillips
- American Orchid Society Gold Medal Awards - 12th SAOC National Conference and Show 2003: Tessa Rakow
- Presentation of SAOC Gold Medals at the 12th SAOC National Conference and Show:
Eberhard Gersie
- Seeds and Germination: Stan Wedge
- Paphs in the Wild - Paph. bellatulum: Geoff Hands
- Orchids in the Garden 1. The genus Sobralia: Hendrik J Venter
- Australian Dendrobiums - Modern Breeding Trends:
Frank Vernon
- Titillating Treasures from Taiwan- Tuberolabium - Katoense Yamamoto: Dawn Sheard
- Guarianthe: A New Generic Name for the Cattleya skinneri Complex: Hendrelien Peters
- Some Thoughts on Judging the more Unusual Cymbidiums: Alan Moon
- An Unproven Story: Paul Phillips
- Vanda sanderiana and its Influence in Vanda Breeding Part 1: Robert F Fuchs
- The Ted Schelpe Memorial Yearbook Fund - Contributions
- The Ted Schelpe Memorial Yearbook Fund - A History: Sylvia Byren
- SAOC Awards 2003

- SAOC Orchid of the Year - 2002 - Dendrobium thyrsiflorum 'Viv': Ray Teichmann
- Editorial: Hendrik Vorster
- A tribute to Hugh Dennis Rogers: Else Schreiner
- Poor man's orchid hits the big times: Lourens Grobler
- S.A.O.C Species of the Year - Paphiopedilum mastersianum 'Antwerp' AM/SAOC: van Rooyen OrgideŽ
- Bigger isn't better, better is bigger: Hendrik Vorster
- International Seidenfaden Orchid Symposium: Dr Hubert Kurzweil
- Vietnam - A slipper orchid paradise: Dr Roelie van Rooyen
- Some habitat observations of Disa cardinalis: Hildegard Crous
- Mount Formosa: Linet Hamman & Lourens Grobler
- Novelty Phalaenopsis: George Short
- African orchids - kudos and concerns: Shane Burns
- Calanthe argentostriata: Dr Sarel Spies
- The Wolkberg Orchid Society Annual Show
- European Orchid Conference & Show: Ramona Short
- Growing orchids - The case for simpler growing methods: Louise Stevenson
- The Megaclinium Bulbophyllums - Africa's snake orchids: Lourens Grobler
- Mighty miniatures 27 - Haraella retrocalla: Hendrik J Vorster
- African Hawk moths & African orchids: Greig Russell
- What's cooking in Darling: Hendrik Vorster
- Ontmoet die 2002 kampioene
- Kaapse OrgideŽvereniging
- The Pietermaritzburg Spring Show 2002: Dr T Edwards & M von Fintel
- Polystachya caespitifica ssp. hollandii 'Uplands' - A pretty perfect Polystachya: Allan Abel
- Aerangis mystacidii: Grow them 'en masse': Dawn Sheard
- Jewels of the veld & vlei: Ann Duckworth
- 12th SAOC National Conference & Show
- Lycaste hybrids: Dr Henry Oakley
- Pollination systems in Disa: Dr Steven D Johnson
- Fabulous Vandaceous intergenerics: Robert F Fuchs
- Pollination in the Genus Eulophia: Craig Peter
- Speciosums for all reasons: Murray Shergold
- Controlling the orchid environment: Renate Oberholzer
- The Japanese orchid Show circuit: Dr Henry Oakley
- Tissue culture of orchids: Jeff Finnie
- One step closer to conserving the South African Disa (Orchidaceae) in vitro: Thompson, Edwards & van Staden
- Cymbidium stars of the new millennium: Hendrik Vorster
- Bulbophyllum - A large genus, little cultivated in South Africa: Dr Michael O'Connor
- Optimising the rooting requirements of orchids: Peter L Greenfield
- SAOC slide programs
- Awards 2002
- Addresses & contact telephone numbers

Cover: Main Photo

Calanthe triplicata 'Witrivier' AM/SAOC 86%

- President's Message: Eberhard M Gersie
- The Large-flowered Maxillarias: Lourens Grobler
- Plectrelminthus caudatus - 'Old Faithful': Dawn Sheard
- Cyrtorchis crassifolia - A little known Gem: Allan Abel
- Cynorkis gibbosa- 'Madagascan Magic' AM/SAOC 81%: Michael Tibbs
- From Tennis Court to Ping Pong Table: Hugh Rogers
- Rebel Group of Pietersburg - A Special Project at Boschdal: The Rebel Group & Janet Pierterse
- Sophronitis brevipedunculata - 'Sheila's Joy' AM/SAOC: Sheila Smith
- Honorary Membership bestowed upon Leon & Wendy Davies: Andy Attwood
- Hylton Lewis-Houghting: Linet Hamman
- 17th World Orchid Conference - Shah Alam - Malaysia: Leon Davies
- A Mystery: Hendrik van der Hoven
- Mighty Miniatures No. 26 - Rodriguezia venusta: Hendrik J Venter
- Jewels of the Veld and Vlei No. 9: Ann Duckworth
- SAOC Gold Medal: Wendy Gersie
- SAOC National Show 2003 in Pietermaritzburg - An Update
- Orchids South Africa Illustrations
- SAOC Information
- SAOC Orchid of the Year
- SAOC Slide Programmes
- Suppliers of Orchid Plants & Related Services
- Ted Schelpe Fund - Publications Development Contributions
- SAOC Awards
- Accredited SAOC Judges
- SAOC Awards List
- Affiliated Societies
- Angraecum Longscott & Dendrobium Kuranda Classic - How to judge an orchid hybrid unknown to the judging panel: Louis Vogelpoel
- De-flasking - How I do it: Leon Davies
- What to do with an old Wheelbarrow:
R R Duckworth
- Guidelines for Staging a Show Exhibit: Ramona Short
- An Atlas of Orchid Pollination - America, Africa, Asia & Australia: Trevor Edwards

Cover: Main Photo

Disa racemosa

Photographer: Eberhard Gersie

- President's Message: Leon G. Davies
- Vanda - some species commonly cultivated and used in hybridising: H.E. Peters
- Ornithophora radicans - "The Kikuyu Patch": Dawn Sheard
- Jewels of the Veld and Vlei No. 8: Ann Duckworth
- Feeding and Watering Orchids and the function of nutrients in plant growth: M.J. Erasmus
- S.A.O.C Orchid of the Year 2000 - Phragmipedium Don Wimber "Orange Glory" FCC/SAOC: Allan Abel
- Missed a Mystacidium?: Sarel Spies
- Cymbidium Companions: Christo Page
- Grammangis ellisii - Madagascar's Great Extrovert!: Murray Shergold
- Understanding Some Orchid Names: Tessa Rakow
- Satyrium rhodanthum mythed or missed!: Alan Townsend
- Skou in 'n winkelsentrum: Frans Gous
- The Pioneer Medal: Carmen Coll
- Mistakes Made in My Life as an Orchid Grower: Pieter de Bruin
- Ted Schelpe Fund - Publications Development Contributions
- Light a "Short" Story: Ramona Short
- The Chemistry in Shade Houses: Denis van Rensburg
- An Orchid Society by Another Name: Alan Abel
- SAOC Slide Programmes
- Mighty Minatures No. 25 - Chaetocephala lonchophylla: Hendrik J. Venter
- The Genus Pahiopedilum - A Growers Checklist: Herman Steyn
- The Official Logo for the South African National Conference 2003: Pietermaritzburg Orchid Society
- Orchid 2000 Pretoria - A peep through the keyhole
- Suppliers of Orchid Plants and Related Services
- South African Orchid Council Awards
- Accredited South African Orchid Council Judges
- Affiliated Societies
- Need a speaker for your Society Meeting?

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