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This page is a first point of contact for the Open Tantra Discussion Group. The group is an informal network of friends who meet regularly to discuss their experience working with traditional tantra yogic disciplines and share the company of like minded people. It is affiliated with the Centre for Applied Tantric Studies, based in Cambridge in England. Many of us are initiates of the late Shri Gurudev Mahendaranath's western householder transmission of the tantric Nath lineage, but this is not a requirement for participating.


The group approaches tantrika from an experiential and meditative perspective applying different yogic methods to everyday life. As these are occult yogas they are not without risk, but this is mitigated through the wide experience and support of individuals who are part of the group.


Currently there are active individuals in England. Collectively the group has its own email discussion group and 'members only' Wiki. A Wiki is a site where everyone can collaborate on the content. The most well-known and widely used Wiki is the Portland Pattern Repository.


The group also provides links to more esoteric groupings including AMOOKOS, Shambhala Calyx and various Nath and Kaula encampments and zonules internationally.


Participation is by invitation, but expressions of interest in the group may be sent in the first instance by email. This should include an outline of your understanding of what tantra is about and why you wish to become involved with this type of group.




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