Ontario Fire Towers
Right: This photo was taken in May of 2002 at Macreights Dam Tower in Thessalon- courtesy of Brent Rankin who writes for the North Shore Sentinel. The ladder has been sawed off to prevent anyone from climbing. The good old liabilty issue once again.
Above: one of Ontario's earliest wood towers. Location unknown. The tower was built right on top of the towerman's bunkhouse.
If you've ever wondered exactly how the towers were built, this gives you a good idea. The towerman and local rangers used special ladders which fastened temporarily to the towers steel frame.The crews worked their way up bolting joints as the ascended.
The remains of the old Durham Tower behind the Ganaraska Forest Centre. The tower once stood NW of this spot in the centre of the Ganaraska Forest near Orono. It was also one of the few, if any, built of fibreglass.
The old Bonheur Tower was taken down and reassembled here in Ignace at the tourist centre. I've forgotten the name of the guy who sent me this one- sorry.
Here is the very 1st Widdifield Tower that would later be torn down and replaced with a 100 ft heavy steel tower in 1959 (which was the one used on "The Forest Rangers" tv show from the winter of 1965.) The round light on top was used to warn planes incoming toward the local airfield at North Bay. Mary Kennedy ran this tower in the 1940s. The friendly Mrs Kennedy past away in the late 1990's and is shown below in 1946 (courtesy my great uncle Albert Pearson who just happened to have climbed it during a summer vacation on Trout Lake in North Bay.)
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