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Vanakkam! Welcome! and Namaskar
You have reached the online website of the Nattukottai Nagarathars, India. This site, intends to spread the goodness of the chettinad tradition and its beliefs.

Chettiars -the community:
   A community, having roots way back, since the time of Cholas and Pandavas and even before is said to be one of the most respected,well-mannered community  in India. Despite their spread in the finance and Banking  business touching the length and breadth of India, they have crossed boundaries and  made their establishments throughout the world.  
     Chettiars have extended their support in abudance for the estalishment of temples and its sustenance and do continue this service to god, even today in one or the other manner. The collective name given to the chain of native places of the Chettiars is known as "Chettinad" , Chettinad has produced world famous personalities like AV.Meiyappa Chettiar- thespian in films  and A.C Muthiah, (former head of Indian Cricket Board)  in Sports and business, Murugappa Group, Karumuttu Group, Mr.P.Chidambaram the present Finance Minister,  Mr.M.A.M.Ramaswamy Chettiar in  Business and the likes. 
      Todays chettiars, are into almost everything under the sun may it be business or films and fortunately in an endearing role in their chosen field. Moreover the community is world famous for its hospitality,yummy cuisines' like Paniyaram -must in feasts at any chettinad home and splendid marriages. All said and done Chettiars are the  most upcoming and united community throughout the world.
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