One-Teacher Schools in Kentucky


This web page is dedicated to the identification of one-teacher schools in Kentucky and the teachers of these schools. For the purpose of this effort, the focus will be on one-teacher schools, even though the physical building may be two or more rooms. Generally, though one-teacher and one-room schools are used synonymously. The author of this web page has limited information regarding one-room schools and will be pursuing the collection of additional information through this web site and through other means. You are encouraged to contact the author of this web site, [email protected], to submit information regarding one-teacher schools, especially photographs of one-teacher schools and the names of teachers in those schools. You will be given recognition on this site for the information that you provide. The format is: a picture of the building; a brief description of the school; a listing of teachers and years they taught. You may refer to Pulaski County, Todd School for an example. Feel free to submit partial information; others will "fill in the blanks." In all cases, you will be given credit for supplying the information. This web site, therefore, will change frequently, so please visit often.

Note: Undoubtedly, there will be errors in this effort. Feel free to submit corrections if you have substantive information to improve the data. Most of all, have fun as we develop this site together.

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