Diablo Trainer
Diablo 1.09 for windows 10 v1.0.00 2017-2021
João Farinhote mail:[email protected]

This is a trainer for Diablo 1. Like many developed before this trainer was developed for Diablo 1 enthusiasts who want to explore the game a bit further.
The trainer is still under development but it's already usable.

HOW:Run Diablo 1 and launch diablo trainer afterwards, the trainer will be always updated when it receives the focus. You will need admin rights to run the trainer.
Question 1:Will this trainer harm or change anything in my computer in any way? Answer: no, never.
Question 2:Why do I need to run the trainer with admin rights? Answer: The trainer needs admin rights because it needs to write to memory the changes you make in the trainer and send them to Diablo 1.

Please email me with suggestions or bugs found.

Download it here DIABLO trainer (zip format). Download Diablo fonts here