Leo Golding

Orientation and Mobility Services


A service for Clients with a Vision Impairment.

Toowoomba based.

For Clients with
 plan managed or self managed NDIS plans.

Locally based for prompt service.

Free initial consultation, either on the phone or face to face.

Work out together how the service can benefit you before deciding.

Paid through your NDIS plan, when you sign a service agreement, not before.

You can stop the service agreement before the goals or hours are completed with a two week notice.



Extras for links to useful resources, articles and extra definitions

Not at the stage of having a NDIS plan?

You can discuss whether a NDIS plan is suitable for you or not during the first consultation.

Privately paid work without using a NDIS plan can also be negotiated.
eg for Job Access or Insurance claims purposes.

Starting the NDIS journey is a personal matter
but the roadmap towards getting there might be unclear.
So talking it through might be useful.