Pontiac OHC 6
BMFH (Boat motor from hell)
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Dry sump lube scavenge pump, reverse flow cooling manifold, DIS Ignition. Crank trigger, Algon/Hilborn fuel injection, cam indexing degree wheel. 32 year old race boat headers that can really rattle your ears, and the windows.
Noticed the sticker in the rear window? I am also an Inliner, I have wanted an Engine like this for 30 years, It has been defiantly worth the wait! Fabricated 3/4" Billet Aluminum cambox, Algon/Hilborn Fuel Injection, DIS Ign. Original stacks were shorties, these are machined internally tapered alum. tubes and are a little close, but engine still sounds really BITCHIN'.  

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Engine Specifications:
1968 Pontiac OHC 6
Aprox: 500 H.P.
301 cubic inches
Cunningham 5.7" rods, 7/16" rod bolts
14.5:1 Compression ratio
Chevy 292 Crankshaft
8620 Steel Billet Camshaft
Rollerized 2.3 cam followers
Algon Injection Manifold
Hilborn injectors, pump, and lines
Electromotive DIS ignition
Barns lube/scavenge pump



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