Oglala, SD - June 26, 2005
  Many  people joined us for ceremony at the Little Family Cemetery, just south of Oglala, for the 30th Anniversary of the "Incident of Oglala"  Time allows  some to only reunite at this time of year, it was great to see old friends and family and to welcome the new faces in the crowd.
  This year Mr. Fred Cedar Face lead us in prayer for the Memorial to our Fallen Warriors. A special blessing was said by request at the empty gravesite of Anna Mae.

We walked in memorial, honor and justice for the fallen along with Leonard Peltier.. Heading  this year's march were a few of the Bigfoot Memorial Riders, leading the march which displayed  banners ranging from Free Peltier , AIM and a memorial banner honroing Joe Stuntz, Anna Mae and Jun Little for the 2 mile walk to the Jumping Bull Property.  The Jumping Bull family had plenty of water and food on hand for those who did the walk in the warm weather. A give-away was held, the memorial cake was served,   names were read  aloud from the memorial quilt of those who are gone,.  Then Leonard's attorney's Mr. Bruce Ellison, and Mr. Michael Kuzma spoke on Leonard's case, past and present. A prayer was said for these two along with Mr. Barry Bachrach (who couldn't be with us that day,) for continued guidance, strength and wisdom that will lead to Leonard's freedom. A pendleton blanket was present to each of them. A memorial statement from Leonard was  then read by the LPDC.
Moving  on down to Loneman, ( an apology for the mix up with Loneman, the kitchen was locked unabling us to get in and cook )  We had great perfomances from Lakota locals, Luke Warm Water, sharing his poetry, Hip-Hop from Native Era,  hoop dancing by Clem Holy Eagle. From the Blackfeet Nation - Mr. Darren Geffre,  Muscogee Nation -Mr.  Julian B,  Anishnabe -Wayquay from NYC.  Mr. Dale Alan and Mr. Harvey Arden. Special surprises performance by Mr. Scottie Clifford, and Mr. Troy Little Hawk that heard about this event in Canada,,  Elk Nation provided drum throughout ceremony and honor songs played during Mr. Dick Bancroft's slideshow presentation of "AIM -thru the years. "
We would like to thank everyone who prayed &  walked with us. Everyone who helped sponsor this event,( this page isn't long enough to list all the names.) And for all of you who still support Leonard's freedom and honor for those who walked strong before us in the struggle.
We thank the Lakota Student Alliance Security for the great crew , Clint, Charles, Wambli Yellow Bird, Terance High Bull, Michael Richards, Dennis Running Hawk, Stanely Good Voice Elk, Sam Long Black Cat, Lequaw West, Kim Ladeau, Rachel Good Voice Elk.  Elk Nation for providing drum. Jumping Bull Family, Little Family, Camp Justice, Bigfoot Memorial Riders, OST & BIA Public Safety, AIMGGC and support groups, Leonard Peltier, LPDC and support groups, Fred Cedar Face, Mennonite Central Committee, Tokan Designs, American Indian Council @ OSU, NAICCO, OCCNAA,  KILI Radio, Native Voices - Cincinnati, Indian Country Today, Oasis Music,  Lakota Student Alliance.  All the guest performers and speakers, who all donate their time and talent for this event. A very very special thanks to all our individual sponsors and supporters, this would not be possible with out all your generosity.   To all those who lended a helping hand, you don't know how much they are appreciated. Jennifer Wolfley for  all her work.   And for all of you who attended this 30th anniversary event.  I would also like to thank all the committee members.  And thank creator for the babies, who were placed there to keep me somewhat sane.
"Congratulations" Ms. Holly Richards of Porcupine - Recipient of the 1st Peltier Honorary Scholarship
Keep an eye out on the website for the new application and update on the scholarship.
As you may all of read, Robert Quiver has left the committee, We had 6 great years of working with Mr. Quiver, and we wish him and the Lakota Student Alliance great sucess with their future ..  We will not only miss the co-workers but the daly chatters of a friend. 
  With this being the 30th anniversary and with the passing of Calvin Jumping Bull , this event will not take place in 2006

Darren Geffre
Clem Holy Eagle
Little Hawk
Scottie Clifford
Native Era
n8v-X-factor Winner
Dominic Stands
Photos coursey of Renaud De Foville - France
& L4 Lisa  Photography
which was held on June 25th live at KILI Radio.
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