2006 Official Padiddle Rules
         Game played only while driving at night. Every person who enters the vehicle is automatically a player, unless that person declares they are not playing. Upon seeing a vehicle with onle one headlight on [1], the player that saw the vehicle must shout "padiddle," and hit the roof of the vehicle players are in with their hand. Every player must shout "padiddle" after the first one was called, with the last player to shout "paddidle," or a player who fails to shout "padiddle," being the loser of that round. The loser must remove one article of clothing [2]. The first player without clothing, or the player with the least amount of clothing by the time the players have reached their destination [3], is the loser of that game. If the driver is playing and loses a round, he or she may wait until a stop light, a stop sign, or may pull over on the side of the road to remove clothing equal to the amount of rounds lost.

        1) "Vehicle" can be, but is not limited to, a car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle. The vehicle must have only one headlight on, with the other headlight off. Fog lights are included while turn signals and brake lights are not. If there is light coming from the headlight, it counts as on. Vehicles within eyesight in any direction are fair game.

        2) "Clothing" can be, and is limited to, one shirt, one hoodie, one bra, one pair of underwear (including, but not limited to, boxers, briefs, panties, or thong), one pair of shoes, one jacket, or one pair of pants. Any accessories including, but not limited to, hats, socks, gloves, and scarves do not count as an article of clothing.

        3) All clothing must be placed either on the floor of the vehicle players are currently in, or in empty seats of the vehicle players are currently in. Players may not use clothing to hide body parts.

        4) Players can call a fake padiddle by only hitting the roof of the vehicle with their hand, whether he or she actually saw a vehicle with one headlight off or not. The faker may not shout "padiddle," but can shout out any other word. The first person to shout "padiddle" when a fake padiddle is called is considered a loser of a round, with any subsequent shouts of "paddidle" being disregarded.

        5) If players have reached a destination that involves getting into another vehicle immediately after exiting the original vehicle, the game is put on hold until driving resumes.
        6) Players may call a timeout only to use a cell phone. Any other time is fair time to shout "padiddle."

        7) If a player sees what he or she thinks to be a padiddle, but is not, and starts to shout "padiddle" but does not complete saying the word, they do not get penalized.

        8) Players can only shout "padiddle" on one vehicle once. Multiple padiddles on a single vehicle result in an article of clothing removed.

[1] Read ruling number 1.
[2] Read ruling number 2.
[3] Read ruling number 5.
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