Heathens Against Hate BUT Without Political Correctness!

A message from Akramider, OAA-SFD Director

"The OAA-SFD (Odinist's Against Assimilation - Support Folkish Diversity) body is an independent group of Odinist's worldwide whose website is kindly hosted by the Odinist Library. We believe in true respect for the different races and cultures of the world. We see the beauty and uniqueness of true diversity. We wish, by their folk groups religious individual organisations and 'leaders', to further their beliefs for their own folk and not enforce it upon peoples that are not of that folk-group. This is not a racist belief but a belief by those whom truly support the concept of real and true diversity. We see our unique and diverse cultures, as with any race, being destroyed by enforced and unnatural equality (that exists nowhere else in Nature), cultural and religious mixing. We see this as destroying the unique and splendid diversity (that the enforcers of cultural and racial mixing allegedly love) within all cultures. We are opposed to the belief of ignorant hate based on race but we are also strongly opposed to the belief of equality and that all peoples are 100% exactly the same. We stand is total opposition to HaH that believe that, and this is not a racist statement at all, that the darkest African from the deepest jungle can practice the religion of the Germanic folk - Odinism. Please show your support by displaying the OAA-SFD banner (left). The OAA-SFD stand in total defiance and opposition to HaH in that we believe that a religion is a folk-faith and that it springs naturally and directly from the very folk-soul of the people that created it. For more information on this please see 'Odinism: A Folk Religion?'. Odinism is not a racist religion but it is folkish! If you wish to display our banner then please do so. Also, please contact Fjorn (although not directly involved) via the Odinist Forum to have your website / kindred / hearth name and link displayed on this website. Thank you. Akramider"

The OAA-SFD support the concept and belief of the Odinist Library in that we are NOT a 'racist' website. Odinism is NOT a 'racist' religion, but True Odinism IS Folkish.

This website IS an educational resource for the Folk of Odins Holy Nation and their organic religion of Odinism which springs from their racial folk-soul. This is NOT a political website. We are NOT involved with blind hate, bigotry, violence or anti-Semitism as our opposition and the ignorant would have you believe, but we are only concerned with the continued existence of our own unique heritage, culture, and folk and for the furtherment of our ancestral native religion of Odinism - at NO detriment to any other people! This website has NO political affiliation or motive. We are simply an organisation for the continued study and advancement of our ancestral Germanic faith of Odinism for our folk. It should also be added further that we are NOT associated with ANY Odinic group of ANY nature. Yet, the web staff and contributors support and/or are members of various Odinic organisations. Thank you for taking the time to read this declaration. We ARE True Odinists and we ARE Folkish.

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