The Ode to Joy Summer Challenge
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(created by Winslow Yerxa)


Can bent notes blend in with un-bent notes on the diatonic harmonica?

A simple challenge to harmonica players was proposed by Richard Hunter, and this website was set up so that interested parties could get the challenge materials, submit their efforts. then listen and vote on the results.

The votes are now in, and we have the results.

To see the results (and listen to the entries), go to the results page.

To understand more about the Ode Challenge, check out the following:

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The Challenge

 Play the theme from Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" from the 9th symphony,
 starting on the draw three hole in second position, nice and slow.
 That melody in that position requires that the draw 3 hole be bent
 down a whole step.

 If you can do it in such a way that

  1. the note is in pitch and
  2. the tone and attack are the same as the surrounding notes
    (and, of course, appropriate for the piece, i.e. legato),

 then I'll agree that you've got something to talk about.

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