All lyrics by Chris Stokes

The Most Amazing Flaw

(note: this song is about obsessions/addictions. everyone has them. it doesn't have to be just drugs/alcohol. it is anything that controls your life to the extent of doing whatever you can to fulfill these addictions)

once again, i poison myself. a blind summer/a sightless winter. the snowflakes fall upon my eyes. the sight i had has left me be. i cannot breathe and i cannot see but you see, i am content. breathe. i cannot see and you breathe me in. breathe. you cannot see and i breathe you in.

Writing Songs About Girls is So Cliche...But Then Again, Who Said We Were Different?

(note: typical song about a girl. even though i have not experienced girls enough, it was enough to make me see the bullshit that happens in relationships)

take this knife and stretch out the lie. stab me twice and lay me down. watch me bleed all over me. watch me bleed all over you. watch me. and it hurts. so much for so long so deep inside. as you do your little dance. scarlet. binding. blood-red eyes. so you see. so you see me. lying, denying, and trying to hard to realise. what it seems. and what it seems to me. to be everything that you never wanted. at it hurts, so much for so long so deep inside. as you do your little dance. bones and cartilage. blood-red eyes. sigh, i cry alone and you leave me be.

My Latest Killing Spree is Lemon Flavored (on the cd. number two. no lyrics.)

The Last Time I Spoke To God, He Hung Up On Me

(note: this song is about losing my faith in religion but not in God. God will always be prevelant in my life but i can't be a part of a religion that fears and mourns their God rather than accepting him and loving him. oh, and i was babtised catholic)

my isis. she holds me. she bends me. she breaks me down. and i can't believe the sight as she holds my eyes to the sun/son. and i go blind. and she says, these five words of ignorance and vanity: "and i won't save you". and she says these five words. i can't do this anymore, i can't break her down. i can't watch her bleed further and further away. i can't do this, i can't let her break me down and i won't let her go.

And Yet, You Still Lie

(note: this song is about the father i never knew. he left my brother, my mother and i when i was about one.9 and i have met him twice. he is my biggest fear in this life.)

a remorseful memory drawn out on the floor. just like the ragdoll with the button for the eyes. inconcieveable and held. the light keeps us from knowing where the petals fall and therefore its held to close to stardom. the sun dances as they file into their rooms. won, too, three, five for four's too diligent and therefore its kept unread. quiet and silents are their words. quiet and silent, are there words? knaw bone, bone deep past this flesh and you will find your smile. it hurts so much that i can't stand this pain. and you say that your smile, it hurts.

June Twenty-Third

(note: this song is about my grandfather. he passed away recently. i love him so much with all my heart and he was always there for my family. always there with open arms and always listened to you no matter how mundane the things you had to say were. he gave up alcoholism for my brother and i.)

"it says inn can we stop." it says inn, so can we stop again. you waved, you waved goodbye again.

With Crook & Flail in Hand you will Bury me in the Nile

turquoise blue and gold your heart will always be cold as i watch you stumble turquoise blue and gold my lies will never be told as you watch me crumble turquoise blue and gold our lives with never be sold as you watch us stumble and crumble your trust is a faceless apparition. i watched you turn into gold. i watched you turn into gold. i watched you turn into me and shimmer. and i watched you turn into gold and melt shimmer and i felt that you turned not into me but into what i wanted you to be. i watched you turn into gold. . . .


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