Rocktron Taboo Twin DSP amp

Taboo Twin

The Rocktron Taboo Twin guitar amp was made from 1977 to 2000. It was Rocktron's first entry into the world of amps as noted in this Harmony-Central article.

Weighing in at 86 lbs, the Taboo Twin boasts 128 user and 128 preset programs, 2-12" Eminence 75 watt speakers, 100 watts of stereo power (50 watts per side), a dizzying array of effects including reverb, chorus, overdrive, flanger, etc., and casters and side handles for enhanced portability.

Taboo Twin Reviews

My personal review follows:


The Rocktron Taboo Twin with it's dual 50 watt solid state amps powering twin 12" Eminence speakers outdoes Fender's Princeton Chorus (2x25 watts = 50 watts stereo) when it comes to volume and produces about the same volume as Fender's Ultimate Chorus amp.

Even with it's 100 watts stereo, the Taboo can not stand up to, for example, an 80 watt Fender Twin Reverb. Ergo, for larger venues beyond a typical wedding party, you may well need to mic the Taboo Twin. For small venues, the TT has pelnty of power and volume. Note that with effects engaged, you may lose definition in a full band setting. The fix for that is to not color the signal so much with effects; you won't notice the effects as much anyways during performance so it won't make thta much of a difference cutting them back.


The Taboo Twin sports a metal front grill for that industrial look. Though the amp operates more as a standard amp than others of its ilk, it doesn't look like a standard amp.

From the wide cabinet to the ...