Oakland Bay Kennels
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Here at Oaklandbay we strive to produce not only the best performer weather it be for field trials hunt tests or just a hunting home. We also breed for temperment and health. We take pride in the fact that even though our pups have had what it takes to play in field trials but also are calm and controlable to be someones running buddy / couch potatoe. Athough relatively new to breeding for Field Trials and Hunt Tests we have enjoyed allot of success in those fields and strive to improve with every breeding. All of our pups are raised in the home with children and exsposed to everything you can think of including the trip in the cart in the local grocery store. We have been told that we should be very proud of our socialization program along with early training by pet and pro training homes alike. I hope you consider us for your next pet.
Phone : 360-490-6049
Jim Hunt
Email: [email protected]
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