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Spiralrohre: Winding pipes System E. Neumann
Based on ideas of Viktor Schauberger the working group cell A. H. in co-operation with Erich Neumann just and simply installable winding pipes for the employment in the house water supply, in the garden and in the agriculture developed.

The pipes are intended for the energetic revaluation of drinking and casting water. As long as an official examination of the pipes is not present by the TUEV yet, we recommend for the time being only the transfer within accessible ranges. For a fixed installation under finery we do not take over guarantee. The pipes are examined in a random sampling way after deformation for 10 bar pressure.

available Pipe lengths: 0,5 m, 1 m, 1,5 m, 2 m Special lengths as required with 5% impact Pipe length: 0,5 m 1,0 m 1,5 m 2,0 m Price in euro: 34. - 62. - 87. - 112. -
2006-10-14 23:29:41 GMT
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