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As the New Water In  Desert Assembly grew from a  displaced
fellowship to a local community fellowship,it became apparent
that some  form of assistance be provided to people fleeing
the fighting in North Western Liberia, high school dropped-out 
settling in and around the Brewerville City as IDPs, high school
dropped-out girls and community resident base in and around
the Brewerville City in the form of relief and education thus
the mission  through its leadership in collaboration with the
members of the Local Church the New Water the Desert
Assembly established CAI in a bid to meet its moral obligation
and educational responsibilities. It is against this back ground
that the founders found it imperative initiatives to provide
relief assistance, basic skills training and small loan to 
IDPs, high school dropped-out girls and community based
women in and around the Brewerville City,
The objectives of CAI are as follows:
*To empower women through the acquisition of small loans to enable
them maintain their families during and after their displacement.
*To help undermine prostitution, teen pregnancy and idleness amongst
displaced women in Brewerville City.

*To provide psychosocial counseling to beneficiaries during their
training period.

*To provide community resident with awareness in HIV/ AIDs and
Peace Education.
*To provide small skills training to vulnerable displaced women, high
school dropped- out girls, disadvantage and poor women to enable them
support themselves during and after their displacement.
The goals of  Church Aid is to provide small skills training  
to displaced, disadvantage, poor and vulnerable women including
school dropped – out girls. 

Community Women Training Center-CWTC is a basic skills training
center established by CAI to provide small skills training to
both vulnerable displaced Women and high school dropped- out
girls in the areas of soap making, tailoring, tie &
dye, pastry, and cosmetology.
Distributes relief to IDPs and community resident.
Provides small loans to trainees upon their graduation and community’s
resident to enable them rebuilt their lives.

Provided Psychosocial counseling to trainees of the
CWTC, CAI Vocational workshop, and community resident.
Provides vocational training in the areas of tye dye, carpentry,
masonry, cosmetology, typing, pastry, soap production; micro
credit, agriculture, literacy, and to ex-combatants, trainees of CWTC
and students in and the Brewerville Community.
Designed purposely to booster livestock production and provides
livestock to farmer for a small amount and ex-combatants and
community resident on a replenishment basis.
Designed as a viable alternative skill for trainees of CAI Vocational
Workshop and the Community Women Training Center.
Health Education and Adult Literacy is designed purposely to provide
basic health   education to trainees and at the same afford those
trainees who cannot read and write the opportunity to learn
how to read and write.
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Church Aid Inc. Is a Non-Profit Organization Registered with the Government of Liberia

Greetings in Jesus name! The newly established "Church
Hope Center" (CHOC) of Church Aid Inc (CAI) initiated
her feeding program for vulnerable children in
Brewerville, Liberia with feeding of over 200 (two
hundred) children on Sunday, June 3rd, 2007. The
program also includes trauma counseling, medical,
recreation and literacy - reading and writing assistance,

CAI is also preparing for hundred thousand vegetable
seeds packets from Seeds Program Inc (SPI) to help
motivate schools, churches and communities "grow seeds
to fight hunger". Seeds are expected this month. The
organization has also started a Mobile Skills Training
Center (MSTC) in a village called Jenneh in Bomi
County, western region of Liberia. About 117 women and
girls are enrolled.

Will send further updates.

God bless

Reverend Kortu K. Brown

The typing pool at the Community Women Training Center (CWTC)
of Church Aid Inc. in Liberia.  Young people including ex-child
fighters are benefiting from these services.
Church Aid Inc (CAI) is pleased to share pictures of ongoing training projects of 116  women of the Community Women's Training Center (CWTC) in Liberia. CAI implements projects in skills, training children,rehabilitation, agriculture, peace and advocacy,  micro-credit, literacy, trauma, counseling, and others. One of such intervention is going on in Jenneh, Dowiew District, Bomi County  where women from adjacent towns and villages benefit from training in small skills, advocacy and peacebuilding activities. People are returning to these villages after many years of civil war in Liberia.
CAI built the tent and tends to run the several phases of this program. The village is 25 miles west of Monrovia. CAI wants to support these women with small loans to start businesses to re-establish themselves.
During the training CAI/CWTC in collaboration with the agricultural
unit will also engage women in vegetable seed production through the 100 thousand package seeds project being supported by 'Seed Program Inc.' and 'The Disciples of Christ Church', etc. The project is supported to grow 5 to 10 thousand gardens throughout Liberia to help fight hunger in post-civil war Liberia. The President of Liberia has written granting duty-free privilege to this project and instructed the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Liberia to work closely with CAI   
to ensure the success of this program.
Lucy M. Moore
Church Aid Inc. (CAI)
CAI Activities during the Holidays in 2007:
Christmas and New Years in Liberia.  Relief items were sent to Liberia to help Church Aid Inc. CAI. Items were donated in a 40' foot container by  Church World Service CWS of New York, USA and the feeding program by OSIWA based in Darkar, Senegal, an initiative
of American Billionaire George Soros.

More than 500 children were fed. CWS relief items will benefit more than 5,000 beneficiaries
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