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Liber 231 sigils

[3 of 57 glyphs only shown]

Sigils from Crowley's Liber CCXXXI, plus the characters of the Fixed Stars from Agrippa (Occ. Phil. lib. II cap. lii).  The download includes a text file with a list of keymaps.

Download the Liber 231 sigils font

Goetia sigils

[Image pending]

Sigils from the Mathers-Crowley edition of the Goetia, as used in the Celephaïs Press edition.

The download includes a text file with a complete list of keymaps.

Download the Goëtia sigils font

Occult Symbols

[This is just a small selection]

Maybe not all the magical symbols you'll ever need, but a good selection none the less.

The download includes a text file with a full list of the glyphs.

Download the Occult Symbols font

Updated March 2004: now includes a few more misc characters, plus as a bonus the “RC Symbols” font, currently a small selection of additional alchemical symbols and Rosicrucian emblems found in Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians

The Theban Script

The Theban script

Also known as the Alphabet of Honorius, the Witches' Alphabet, etc.  It is referred to the Latin alphabet and written left to right (the last character, referred to the Greek Omega, is not generally used as a letter, rather as a period or separator).  This script was popularised by Agrippa's De Occulta Philosophia (it appears in lib. III cap. XXIX, "De characteribus et sigillis spritiuum"), although it may have appeared in earlier works such as the Polygraphia of Trithemius.  The alphabet is traditionally ascribed to one 'Honorius the Theban', probably the author of the Liber Juratus (the Sworn Book of Honorios), a medieval work on magic.

More magical scripts from Agrippa

The characters of Celestial Writing

The writing called Malachim

The writing called The Passing of the River

The Characters of Celestial Writing, the writing called Malachim and the writing called Passing of the River all appeared in De Occulta Philosophia lib. III cap. XXX, “Alius characterizandi modus a cabalistis traditus,” and are referred to the Hebrew alphabet.  They do not include distinct final forms for any letters, although Malachim has a variant form of Samekh which may correspond to the otherwise unknown ‘Samekh final’ alluded to in some works on Magick.  Malachim is also called ‘Angelic’ or ‘Regal’ (from Heb., MLKIM, ‘Kings’) by Agrippa.

The Aiq Bkr cipher

The Aiq Bkr cipher

This simple Hebrew-based cipher script is also described by Agrippa (loc. cit.).  Unlike the three previous scripts, it does contain distinct final forms.

Download all these as a single zipfile.

The download archive contains the five scripts shown above; there are two versions of each of the first four, one based on the forms in the 1533 edition of Agrippa’s Third Book, the other from Francis Barrett’s The Magus.

The Hebrew Alphabet

The Hebrew alphabet

This is a traditional “square” Hebrew face.  It contains the five final forms plus a variant form of Lamed, minimal punctuation and no pointing.

Update December 2004: The archive now adds an experimental variant which includes versions of most letters with dagesh marks, Shin with ‘sin dot’ and ‘shin dot’ and eleven vowel points.  The archive also includes a text file with all key mappings.

Update November 2005: Minor improvements to a few characters (mainly to make some letters easier to tell apart from each other).

Download the Nu Isis Hebrew font.

The Coptic Alphabet

The Coptic Alphabet

A Coptic face with upper and lower case forms of all 32 letters.  The download includes a text file with key mappings.

Download the Nu Isis Coptic font.

The Enochian Alphabet

The Enochian Alphabet

If you need to be told what this is, you don't need to download it.  This font is closely based on the Dee manuscripts in order to ensure the correct orthography of all the letters.

Download the Nu Isis Enochian font.

The Alphabet of Daggers

The Alphabet of Daggers

This is a magical alphabet which appears in Aleister Crowley's The Vision and the Voice.  It corresponds to the letters of the English alphabet.

The Alphabet of Arrows

The Alphabet of Arrows

Continuing the theme of sharp pointy things, this is another script from The Vision and the Voice.  The letters approximately map to the Enochian alphabet, although V is distinguished from U and W.

Download the Alphabets of Arrows and Daggers.

The Royal Arch Cipher

The Royal Arch cipher

This is a simple cipher alphabet which can be found in Duncan's Masonic Monitor and many other books on Freemasonry and cryptography.  There are two forms of the cipher; in this font one is mapped to uppercase letters, one to lowercase letters.

Ye Alphabet of Nug-Soth

This is a slight variant on the Royal Arch cipher which appeared in the Hay-Wilson-Langford-Turner Necronomicon.  While generally corresponding to the English alphabet, C and K are not distinguished, nor are U and V.

The Illuminati Ciphers

The Illuminati Ciphers

These ciphers were published in A History of Secret Societies by Akron Daraul (Idries Shah) and are alleged to have been used by the infamous Bavarian Illuminati.  U and V are distinguished, but I and J are not.  A third Illuminati cipher replaces the letters with numbers — A with 12, B with 11, and so on down to M with 1; then N with 13, O with 14 and so on to Z=24 (here U and V are not distinguished).  There is also one set of cipher charaters for the digits.  These ciphers are used to spell out cryptic messages in some of the illustrations to Cosmic Trigger by R.A. Wilson.

Download the cipher scripts.

The archive contains the Royal Arch cipher, Alphabet of Nug-Soth and Illuminati ciphers.

All these TrueType fonts are freeware; they may be redistributed provided no charge is made and the information in the font headers is left intact; they may be used in any document commercial or otherwise without payment.  These fonts are provided “as is” and no warranty or claim of usefulness for any particular purpose is made or should be understood.  Nu Isis Working group and the individual creators of these fonts accept no responsibility for any consequences soever including but not limited to loss of data damage to computer hardware demonic possession entrapment in the Tunnels being torn limb from limb by Choronzon the return of the Great Old Ones or the immanentization of the Eschaton arising out of the use abuse misuse or disuse of these fonts in any way shape or form.  Your co-operation is appreciated.

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