Dictionaries/Medical Terminology/Abbreviations/SOAP Notes

Dictionaries/Medical Terminology/Abbreviations/SOAP Notes

Check out the international patient education handouts under Cultural Medicine

Quick Reference Dictionary for Occupational Therapy
Jacobs, K.
WB 15 J17q 2001 Health Reference & Circulation

Disabilities Dictionary search online for free or buy the book

Language of Medicine: a Write-in Text Explaining Medical Terms (book, CD-ROM, audiocassettes)
Chabner, Davi-Ellen
W15 C427L 1996 Health Circulation & CD-ROM (library front desk drawer)
There is a 2000 edition, but we don't have it. I like this book better than the others I've seen; you can also get the audiocassettes from F.I.U. North campus or via Inter-Library Loan

The Merck Manual 17th ed. completely online

Medical Encyclopedia of Tests written for the patient, entries include illustrations and images, alternative names, why the test is performed, how the test will feel, how to prepare for the test (for different age groups), normal values, special considerations, what (abnormal, positive, or negative) results mean, what the risks are; entries can be emailed

The Yale University School of Medicine Patient's Guide to Medical Tests NO LONGER ON WEB?? AVAILABLE IN BOOK FORMAT FOR PURCHASE; written for the patient, a table format notes where it's done, who does it, how long it takes, discomfort/pain, results ready when, special equipment, risks/complications, & average cost. Text notes other names, purposes, how it works, preparation, test procedure, after the test, factors, affecting results, interpretation, advantages, disadvantages, the next step, trivia, & patient tips.

Medical Images from FindLaw.com you have to be a paying subscriber to view images without the watermark or to download images.

MedicineNet.com medical dictionary in layman's terms

About Brain Injury: A Glossary of Terms

The Phrase Finder interesting--a phrase thesaurus of mainly clich鳬 many with definitions and description of origin

Medical American Sign Language Phrasebook online instructions, links, & more

Say Hello to the World in 30 languages, has Real Audio samples, and is transliterated as well as in native script

Merriam-Webster Dictionary [British & American spellings] Type in the American spelling, and it provides the British spelling as well as the definition. If you type in the British spelling, it will suggest the American spelling. This is great for searching the EBMR databases which utilize keywords rather than MeSH; that way, you won't miss overseas research.

Online Medical Dictionary [British & American spellings] Here's another one. Type in the American spelling, and it provides the British spelling as well as the definition. This also works the other way around (British to American). This is great for searching the EBMR databases which utilize keywords rather than MeSH; that way, you won't miss overseas research.

Language Dictionaries great links

English-Hmong dictionary of Special Education great for IEPs

Caribbean Herbalist herbs are listed by scientific name, French, Haitian Creole, and English names

Any book of Medical Abbreviations
(your clinic & hospital will also have an abbreviation sheet)

Acronym Finder has nearly 125,000 anacronyms and meanings; site is searchable

Pharma-Lexicon search over 50K medical & pharm abbreviations & anacronyms for free, offers advanced searching features for a small fee, also offers an article search--however, it's best to do your article searching from one of the library's databases instead

Symbols.com look up over 2,500 symbols by kewords or graphic characteristics

The Working Therapist: Occupational Therapy in Long Term Care
Rosado, H., Santiago, E.D., & Fountain, C.C.
HPD Library Reserve Readings Occupational Therapy (portions of book)
This book is excellent for learning SOAP Notes; it has actual SOAP Note phrases, what to include in documentation, etc. Entire book can be ordered via:
Working Therapist, Inc.
9750 Atlantic Dr.
Miramar, FL 33025
(954) 435-9338 office; (954) 435-9031 fax.

Documenting Physical Therapy: The Reviewer Perspective
Baeten A.M., Moran M.L., Phillippi L.M., Brimer M.
WB 460 B142d 1999 Health Circulation
This is a great book. Although it's written for PTs, it's great for reinforcing that we should document functional outcomes. It provides many examples of what one should NOT do, whether one's a PT or OT.

Documentation manual for writing SOAP notes in occupational therapy
Borcherding S.
WB 39 B726d 2000 Health Reserve
I haven't read this one yet

Writing SOAP Notes
Kettenbach, G.
WB 290 K43 1995 Health Reserve
I don't like this book very much


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