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Atlanta, GA


2005-05-06 19:55:34 -0500

North Atlanta High - 10th Grade Project

Hello from Atlanta!

Press over here to get the flyer

We are three students at North Atlanta High School; our names are Irasema Garcia, Rebecca Girma, and Alexandra Guzman.

Our goal is to inform about water shortages and persuade the public to conserve water.

Look at our job just below...

Look at our job (press over the pic to enlarge it - it will open in a new window)

We started to design and paste our flyer to involve people to save water.

Why Are We Doing This?

As students from Ms. Childress’s World Affairs class, we have been assigned this project, but we chose this topic because we come from two different countries that deal with this issue.

What Are We Doing?

We’re informing our community and classmates about this issue. We have made posters to catch people's attention and we are planning a meeting to conduct after school with some of our fellow classmates and teachers. At this meting we are going to educate them about the dangers of water shortages and let them put their hand-print on a poster with paint to signify that they have promised to follow some water-conserving tips. 


(ordered by importance according our project)

The Huancabamba Deflection

Huancabamba City (06.14.2004 09:24:21)

Threatened Biodiversity  

(01.27.2004 08:16:34)

I protect Majaz

Ayavaca and Huancabamba provinces borderline (07.2.2004 16:48:19)

Famine threatens Andean population

Piura City, Piura (02.04.2004 14:34:07)

The Ghost of the Time

Canchaque, Huancabamba (09.7.2004 18:13:36)

Bad luck

Salalá, Huancabamba (01.24.2004 09:41:49)

Developed by Irazema García, Alexandra Guzman and Rebecca Girma.

Supervised by Andrea Childress.

Edited by Irina Mauricio.

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Way Of Blood

Ayavaca City (03.21.2005 22:14:57) What would you do if you need to protect something you need a lot? Anything? Peruvian government seems to have a decision – no matter how but to defend the sources of fast money instead of the reasons and wills of their own people.


Turn OFF The Faucet. Turn ON Your Brain.

We need to save water. Support our campaign everywhere you are. Just download our flyer, print it and let the people know the truth about water. Flyer is in PDF format and will be opened in a new window (338 KB).


Let's save the water. Let's save Huancabamba.

Join the campaign to avoid the start of mining operations in Peru's Piura Region highlands, that threatens the life of about 2 million people.


Special advocacy actions

>> Install our special wallpaper

>> Do you have a website? Download our banner and link it to this website

>> Send an e-mail to request our logo to make t-shirts (this feature is under editors' consideration)


Inside factortierra2

Outside factortierra 2

(it will open in new window, and its mention don't mean any recognizement from us)


Visit the recent factortierra's Special Feature in association with Defractionmedia, with new tools to understand Tambogrande and Huancabamba issues.

Sábado de Gloria


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