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US Gallon, Dry Gallon, Quarts, Pints, Ounces, cubic inch to Liters on-line converter
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US liquid Volume/Capacity units
US liquid gallon:
US liquid quart:
US liquid pint:
US fluid ounce:
cubic inch:

US dry Volume/Capacity units
US bushel:
US dry gallon:

Metric units
milliLiter = cm3:

There is an other US unit of volume, called "cup". 1 cup is 8 ounces. However this specific unit has other meaning of "liquid" or "dry". "Dry cup" means it may be filled to the top and above with dry matter, like sugar, while "liquid cup" means that the "cup" can be poured with a liquid (like water) almost to the top, but not exactly to the top. To avoid confusion related to "liquid gallon" and "dry gallon", the unit "cup" was not included in this calculator.

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