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Economic Evaluation of Energy Conservation Projects
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Business as Usual (BAU) energy consumption (Baseline)
electricity consumption fuel and gas consumption [$/y]:
number of units power of each unit [W] hours / year
other consumption [kWh/y] Plant Load Factor (PLF) (actual use of maximum power) [%]
electricity tariff [cent/kWh] electricity consumption
electricity consumption
total energy consumption [$/y]

electricity saving fuel and gas saving
saving number of units
saving of power of each unit [W]
saving of working hours [hr/y]
other saving [kWh/y]
saving of electricity [kWh/y]
saving of peak demand of electricity [kW]
saving $/year saving $/year
saving % saving %
total saving [$/year]
total saving [%]

Investment in energy conservation project (I) [$]
life expectancy of the energy conservation project [years]
Rate of Interest (ROI) [%/year]
Capital Recovery Factor (CRF)
Present Value of yearly savings (PV) [$]
Net Present Value of yearly savings (NPV) [$]
PV/I [%]
Profit (PV/I-1) [%]
Max no loss Investment [$]

this on-line calculator is for general information only,
it does not include many components
and must NOT be used for actual design or economic evaluation or decision about the project

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