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High Voltage Electric Lines Electro-Magnetic Field Radiation on-line calculator
make separate calculations for each family member, especially for each child
Input values to the fields with red frame, starting with distance from the electric line, any field (meters or yards or feet).
Then correct the kiloVolt value.
The line Voltage may be estimated according to:
  • information from the electric company, utilities, energy administration or local government
  • the length of electric lines insulators
  • distance between the phases wires (between the 3 main wires)

  • electric line kiloVolts [kV]
    distance from the electric line meters [m]
    yards [y]
    feet [ft]
    EMF - Average [miliGauss]
    EMF - Peak [miliGauss]
    hours a day (average) of exposure to the line radiation [hr/day]
    EMF daily Radiation [mGhr/day]
    Radiation Limit [mGhr/day]
    Average day Radiation to Limit ratio
    Peak day (extreme weather) Radiation to Limit ratio

    this calculator is based on data from EM Watch and WAPA
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