Female to Female NOOSING/HANGING Scenes

*photo courtesy of Triumverate Pi (from the play "Reds, Whites and Blues," see LINKS)

American Psycho (2002):
Starring: Mila Kunis, William Shatner. This time, cute That 70s Show girl Mila Kunis takes up the gore and ropes. She wants to enter the FBI Quantico academy at any cost, willing to kill any who stands in her way. And she even hangs her roomie who was first in line to be Teacher's Assistant, the gateway position to the FBI. Too bad they didn't show her actually stringing her roomie up but the way she pinned the fake suicide note just after and her line of "I won't let you down" are priceless.

Big Doll House(1971):
Starring Judith Brown, Roberta Collins, Pam Greier: Philippine-set women in prison flick. Features scene where inmate women wire-noose the female warden against a steel door.

Cell Block H, TV series (Episode 260, aired on British TV 4/28/98):
(From Cell Block H site:) Kate finds Sandy in her cell complaining of stomach pains and nausea: she tells Sandy she should try to make herself vomit and pushes her off towards the shower block. As Sandy is heaving up her guts, Marie, Lil and Bev arrive. Marie carries a knotted sheet: she tells Sandy that after all she's been through recently no-one would be surprised if she killed herself. So Marie has decided to fake her suicide: she slips the noose over Sandy's neck and strings her up on the pipe over the toilet cubicle.

Demons Of Ludlow(1983):
Starring: Paul von Hausen, Stephanie Cushna. Wicked spirits terrorize a small town. A bed-ridden lady is being stoned by a young woman and young girl, spirits dressed in Pilgrim-era garb. Then they are finished and a noose appears from the ceiling. They put the unfortunate elderly soul into it and comfort her that "It won't hurt...much."

House Of Whipcord (1974):
Starring: Sheila Keith. A film of fake morality by Peter Walker where an unbalanced woman and her female assistants run their own secret penitentiary. Features a gallows scene.

KISS OF DEATH PRODUCTIONS (specialty video company)
Go To Blue Asphyxia For Info. Cassandra herself provides us with some info (I haven't seen these yet but I assume these are F/F): Volume 13: MAKE HER DIE SLOWLY: Cassandra is hired by a Mob Boss to execute three young ladies that are on his hit list, but when she sadistically electrocutes the Boss's niece to death as well she finds herself at the end of a noose as she, too, is made to die slowly. (4 HANGINGS, noose play, strangulation, electrocution)

Volume 14: HOUSE OF CORRECTIONS: Difficult female delinquents who cannot be reformed end up at Cassandra's House Of Corrections where torture and death are the only punishment. Pretty Tess gets shock treatment in the electric chair and when that is not enough she is led to the noose. Tess' soft neck is then stretched as she gasps for her last breath. Shortly after, Cassandra is approached by a sadistic guard and falls victim to her own noose as she strangles helplessly realizing what it's like on the other side of the rope. (2 hangings, 2 electrocutions)

Last Dance (1991):
Starring: Cynthia Bassinet, Elaine Hendrix. Dance contestants start turning up...dead. One by one. The sexy white lingerie-clad killer sends a noose that traps one of the contestants as she piquantly walks backstage. The contestant struggles mightily with the rope. Can't see the killer on-screen as she sends the noose, but it was definitely revealed later that white lingerie bombshell was up to it. It was kind of like the F/M noose scene in Runaway Nightmare but much more devastating.

Sisters Of Death (1978):
Starring:Arthur Franz, Claudia Jennings, Cheri Howell, Sherry Boucher. What interested me here was the nooseplay when a victim was sitting being taunted, a noose in front of her to contemplate, and then the vindictive sorority sister came out to have some nooseplay. This interplay did not involve a snuff.

The Tie That Binds (1995):
Nice scene where Daryl Hannah nooses the woman who dared to take "her" child.

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