69th Street Ferry
A Relic of the Pre-Verrazano-Narrows Bridge Days

St. George Terminal with Electric Ferry

The charter for the 69th Street Ferry was granted in June 15, 1912, and operation began on July 4, 1912. The original ferryboats Garden City, formerly of the Long Island Ferry Company, and Flushing left their slips at 8 o'clock. Many civic representatives were on board the first crossing along with crowds of citizens from both boroughs.

As the years progressed, the line had changed hands many times, as well as its boats. The last set of boats was built for the line in the 1940's. The vessels included:

E.G. Diefenbach




St. George

The Narrows

The Tides

NYFB E.G. Diefenbach awaiting departure from St. George.

Unknown Photographer, Source Mitch Dakelman

The line was kept going until a week after the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge was opened. On the day of the line's closing, a dog that had befriended the ferry crews was sent to the pound to attempt to insure the dog's well-being.Soon after the boats were sold or leased to other ferry lines both within the New York Harbor area, and outisde.

E.G. Diefenbach

Sold to Central American in 1970's.


Sold to Deleware Ferry Interest in 1960's.

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