This page contains information and crime statstics in Billing.
estate contains Great Billing, Little Billing, Bellinge and Standens Barn and is part of the eastern district.

Crime statistics (Average in statistics)

Billing Billing
Attack and Robbery Ratio (9) 6
Burglary Ratio (15) 20
Total Crime Ratio (16) 15


Billing Billing
Attack and Robbery Ranking 16/38
Burglary Ranking 15/38
Total Crime Ranking 16/38


Billing/Attack/Rob (Ranking) Billing
Great Billing 56/87
Little Billing 33/87
Bellinge 32/87
Standens Barn 49/87


Ethnic Make Up [approx.] Billing 12%
White 88
Mixed 3
Asian 4
Black 3
Chinese/Other 2

Billing is made up of two former villages before the 1970s known as Great Billing and Little Billing. After a 1980s housing development Bellinge and Standens Barn were formed. Billing is off the Wellingborough Road, east of Weston Favell and can also be accessed from the A45 and Great Billing Way. The oldest settlements in Billing are Church Lane in Little Billing and Station Road in Great Billing.
Bellinge has become notorious for it's deprived and crime ridden streets. Made to house the overspill of London in the mid 80s Bellinge became a hotspot for violent crime in the mid 90s and in 1994 had the worst crime rate in the whole of Northamptonshire. During 1996, the crime rate was five times the national average and the Deer's Leap pub on Billingmead Square was a 'no go area' day and night. Bellinge hit melting point in late 1996 when rioting between local drug dealers and police ensued, petrol bombs and missiles were thrown all across the place as eventually flats were demolished and the area became Fieldmill Square.
Standens Barn has gradually been built up throughout the late 80s and 90s and is accessable from Billing Brook Road.

Famous places in Billing

Little Billing Tip
Crow Lane Industrial Estate
Great Billing Park [swanky housing development]

Recent news in Billing

Jul 2006 - Abington crime rate spiralling high almost doubling in two years.
Mar 2006 - 11 people arrested and gun seized in raid by police in Manfield Road, Abington
Feb 2006 - Teens attack bus driver and rob money on the Wellingborough Road, Abington
Dec 2005 - Young man stabbed in an argument in Derby Road, Abington
Oct 2005 - Man stabbed in the back with knife after altercation in Victoria Road, Cliftonville
May 2005 - Serious attack by gang in Birchfield Road, Abington
Feb 2005 - Woman raped at midnight on Abington Park, case left unsolved

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