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Michele Hanson: Teachers who have affairs with pupils over sex songs 16 are behaving appallingly. But they're not sex offenders | Comment is free | The Guardian Jump to content [s] Jump to comments [c] Jump to site teens having sex navigation [0] Jump to search [4] Terms and conditions [8] Sign in Register Text larger smaller Search: Comment is free Web News Sport Comment Culture Business Money Life & style Travel Environment Blogs Video Jobs A-Z Comment is free Teachers who have affairs with pupils over 16 are behaving appallingly. But they're not sex offenders Comments () Michele Hanson The sex passwords Guardian, Tuesday October 7 2008 Uproar in schools again, this time over teachers who have affairs with pupils over 16, in the same school. Should they sex maxx be prosecuted and put sex fucking video free on the sex sex sites offenders register? The law and the NSPCC say yes, but Chris Keates, general secretary of the NASUWT, says no. She believes it's not a sexual offence, it's dog girl sex "a serious error of professional misjudgment". And she's right. But I do remember, when I first time sex was teaching music in a London comprehensive in the 70s, pregant nude sex one particularly ghastly fellow who ought to have been sent to the slammer. He wore his shirt open to the waist, made vilely suggestive remarks to girl pupils, and was eventually sacked when one girl told her parents. Or was asian sex pictures he? In those days it was difficult to sack a teacher. You had to lie and give them a good reference, so that the next school took the stinkers on. That is what had happened at our school, which didn't know he'd had an affair with a sixth-former at the previous school. Now it's easier to free gay sex clips sack a teacher. Or perhaps it's too easy. I asked a teacher friend about this, who must be nameless. "It's such a nervous area," he says. You dare not touch a girl, or a boy, for any reason whatsoever in a school. Pupils will start shouting paedophile, and everyone will believe club seventeen live sex chat them. That's another thing Keates is justifiably worried about: malicious allegations. I've been accused of assault, falsely, but in came the vaginal sex parents, ready to punch me on the nose. What would those parents do to a suspected sex offender? These "affairs" may be ill-advised, an abuse of trust and gross professional misconduct on the part of the teachers, but that's all they usually are. Besides, what else do most people of 16 to 18 think about except sex, sex, sex and relationships? It's the peak age for volcanic crushes, jealousies, falling-outs and discoveries. The classroom is a gangbang sex gallereis hotbed of swirling heaven-knows-what, where no one really knows what they're doing or what they want. And A-level girls are very attractive. Perhaps they think their male classmates are immature. Then along comes a young teacher, just out of university, who doesn't know where to draw the line, or doesn't care, or falls in love, or takes advantage of the situation. Or an older teacher, who ought to know better, thinks he has fallen in love, as our former chief inspector of schools Chris Woodhead did decades ago. Only boat sex after the girl had left, mind you. He swears it. The relationship continued for nine years. He may have been a grisly inspector and husband, but he wasn't a criminal. My teacher friend was once obliged to take a 20-year-old, fabulously attractive twilight sex student teacher into his A-level English classes. All the boys were in turmoil, all the male teachers queueing up in the flash sex games staff room to make her coffee. What are we supposed to do about that? How wonderful that Mr Brown and Mr year old girl sex Mandelson appear to have made up again after 14 years of hatred. Imagine all those years of poisonous bile, titanic loathing, tantrumming, sniping and squabbling, and now they're chums again, sex position photos fighting for the same cause. I do admire them. Because it's not an easy thing to do, to stop hating someone. I tend to go on and on doing it. So does Rosemary, so did my mother, and it's a bad thing to do. "You must let go of your hatred," a friend once advised me. "It's corrosive." She's probably free zoo sex right, but I like to hang on to it, like a comforter. Sometimes I even lull myself to sleep thinking hateful, bitter thoughts of ex-friends and partners. "The bastard/cow," I think. "How could he/she have done that? What a cheek. Why did I put hot sex videos up with it? What a wet." And then, soothed by the familiar

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groove of hatred and self-loathing, I am soon fast asleep. Then last week I heard that someone I don't like, because years ago teen sex movies she suddenly didn't like me and wouldn't say why, now seems to want to be friends again, because she's forgotten how horrid she was. But I, of course, haven't forgotten. And never will. Sometimes I forget these things for lolita sex a while, and then a little reminder pops up: a place, a bit of music, a topic in these columns, which reminds me of these doggy style sex figures from my past, so I dredge up their misdeeds and mull over them, or write or blab about them, which I think is better than silently festering. Not everyone approves of my method. "Will you please stop writing about Him," says American Cousin. "People will think you still care." But I don't really care. I just like a bit of bitterness-speak - a sort of emotional enema that lets all the nastiness out, and probably saves me from stomach ulcers. "It's not just mild bitterness," observes Fielding. "You sound like the sort of person who sticks pins into dolls. You've got to try forgiveness." big beautiful women sex Which is easy for him to say. He does do hatred sometimes, but tends to forget about it for long periods, because it's too hardcore sex pics tiring to keep it going. "I haven't got the energy," he says. "It's not a moral decision. I just can't be bothered. But when I get drunk, it all comes back and turns into murderous hate." Then, tottering home transsexual sex videos from the public house, he often passes a high crane at the end of his street and longs for his ex-line manager and all the other swine who have made his life a misery to be dangling from it, hopefully in a gibbet. For ever. We must just hope and pray that Brown and Mandelson never turn to drink. This week Michele saw Drawing Breath Recycled, at Whitstable Horsebridge Gallery: "An exhibition about breathing, curated by Jean Fraser - a mixture of montages, maps, x-ray lightboxes, sound installations and a driftwood bicycle." She also saw Chosen on More 4: "Three brave men describe their sexual abuse at a school. couple sex toys Profoundly affecting and harrowing." Printable version Send to a friend Share Clip Contact us larger | smaller Email Close Recipient's email address Your name Add sex mummy a note (optional) Your IP address will be logged Share Close Digg reddit Google Bookmarks Yahoo! tentacle sex My Web StumbleUpon Newsvine livejournal Facebook BlinkList Contact us Close Report errors or inaccuracies: [email protected] Letters for publication should be sent to: [email protected] If you need help using the site: [email protected] Call the main Guardian and Observer switchboard: +44 (0)20 7278 2332 Advertising guide License/buy our content Education Schools Politics Gordon Brown · Peter big butt sex Mandelson · Labour Related Oct 6 2008 The Labour party rallies behind Mandelson (almost): MPs show their support for the new business secretary Oct 5 2008 Ned Temko interviews Peter year old sex Mandelson Oct horse sex stories 4 2008 Chuka Umunna: Watch now what Ed Miliband does Oct 4 2008 Poll shows voters give Brown credit for fighting crisis but want a Tory government Printable version Send to a friend Share Clip Contact us Article history Email Close Recipient's email address Your name Add a note (optional) Your IP address will be logged Share Close Digg reddit Google Bookmarks Yahoo! My Web StumbleUpon Newsvine livejournal Facebook BlinkList Contact us Close Report errors or inaccuracies: [email protected] Letters for publication should be sent to: [email protected] If you need help using the site: [email protected] Call the main Guardian and Observer switchboard: +44 (0)20 7278 2332 Advertising guide License/buy our content About this article Close Michele Hanson: Teachers who have

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affairs with pupils over 16 couples having sex are behaving appallingly. But they're not sex offenders This article appeared in the Guardian on Tuesday October 07 2008 on p9 of the Comment & features section. It was last updated at 00.06 on October 07 2008. 's comment Comments in chronological order (Total comment) Loading 0% complete Loading comments... Go to all free celebrity sex videos comments on one page Comments are now closed on this entry. Staff Contributor Go to all comments on one page Comments are now closed for this entry. Comments In order to see comments, please turn JavaScript sex free share video on in your browser. Comments Sorry, commenting is not available at this time. Please try again later. Apologies, something has gone wrong and girls having sex this action cannot be completed. Please try again later. {for comment in Comments} {if comment_index == 0 } {var position = cheap sex toys "first"} {else} {var position = ""} {/if} ${comment.Author.displayName} ${comment.PostedAtTime|formatDateTime:MessageTime} {if comment.Author.isStaff} Staff writer {elseif comment.Author.isContributor} Contributor {else} {/if} {if comment.IsFeatured && currentUser && currentUser.hasCapability('featureComment')} Featured comment {/if} {if comment.ContentBlockingState != "Unblocked"} ${|getCommentBlockedMessage} {else} ${comment.CommentBody} {if currentUser && currentUser.hasCapability('featureComment')} {if comment.IsFeatured} Unfeature {else} Feature {/if} {/if} {if comment.CurrentUserHasRecommended == "False" && !commentRecommendingClosed} {/if} {if commentRecommendingClosed} Recommended {else} Recommend? {/if} {if comment.CurrentUserHasRecommended == "False" && !commentRecommendingClosed} {/if} {if comment.NumberOfRecommendations > 1} (${comment.NumberOfRecommendations}) {else} (${comment.NumberOfRecommendations}) {/if} {if comment.CurrentUserHasReportedAbuse ==

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"True"} Report abuse {else} Report abuse {/if} Clip | Link {/if} {/for} ${prev|generateCommentPageLink:'Previous',urlParams} ${next|generateCommentPageLink:'Next',urlParams} {if (renderPageNumbers)} ${first|generateCommentPageLink:'First',urlParams} {for pageNumber in pageNumbers} {if (pageNumber == currentPageNumber)} ${pageNumber} {else} ${pageNumber|generateCommentPageLink:'',urlParams} {/if} {/for} ${last|generateCommentPageLink:'Last',urlParams} {/if} Logged in as click here to log out You have  characters left Please read our community standards. Loading............... Closing this window without pressing free adult sex videos "Post your comment" will result in your sex positions video words being lost. Are you sure? Thank you for your comment. This has been submitted for moderation. Your comment has been successfully posted. Sorry, something has gone wrong and this action cannot be completed. Please try again later. 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From: £49.99 Visit the Guardian offers shop Buy eco, organic and fair trade products comment is free… Latest posts 4hr virtual teen sex 26min sex story post ago Don't worry about inflation Tom Cunningham: There are plenty of things to be anxious about in the current financial crisis, but inflation is not one of them 5hr 26min ago Tourism beats aid Mike Power: Want to help Colombia escape its violent past? Come here and spend your cash Comment from the paper Polly Toynbee: A good man in a crash. Now can he show how to mend it? 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Browse all jobs USA EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES metropolitan state college of denver please apply online at asst. to the vp of student services alt sex stories repository e570 screening begins 10/20/08 orgasim denial phone sex (303) 352-4481... . co. Education Assistant an education assistant.   phone sex responsible for all administrative and support functions to the vp of education... the administrative aspects of education functions... . dc. MARINE CORPS EDUCATION PROJECT DIRECTOR marine corps education project director washington-based national higher education association seeks a... military education); proven experience in education... . dc. Browse all jobs Related information Education Schools Politics Gordon Brown · Peter Mandelson · Labour Peter Mandelson: a life in politics Oct 3 2008: Peter Mandelson today made a stunning return to the government as he sex pro adventures was appointed business secretary. We look back over his career so far More galleries Oct 4 2008 Michael gay sex video White: Mandelson- masterstroke, or desperation? Oct 3 2008 Gordon Brown defends decision to bring Peter Mandelson back into government Oct 3 2008 Government reshuffle: Surprise at Peter Mandelson's return to government Oct 3 gay sex pictures 2008 Peter Mandelson: New Labour won't go down without a fight - possibly with each other 'Tension and turbulence': Mandelson on the Blair-Brown years Oct 3 2008: Archive footage: Peter Mandelson talks in 2007 about the troubled relationship at the heart of New Labour More video License/buy our content | Privacy policy | Terms & conditions | Advertising guide | Accessibility | A-Z index | Inside | About | Join our dating site today © Guardian News and Media Limited 2008 Go to: home UK news World news Comment is free blog Newsblog college sex videos Sport blog sex clips Arts & Entertainment blog In pictures Video Archive search Arts & entertainment Books Business Environment Film Football Jobs Katine appeal Life & style Money Music The Observer Politics Science Shopping Sport Talk Technology Travel Been there Email services Special reports The Guardian celebrity sex The Northerner The Wrap Advertising guide Compare finance products Crossword Events / offers Feedback Garden centre GNM Press Office Graduate Bookshop Guardian Ecostore Guardian Films Headline service free group sex pictures Help / contacts Information Living our values Newsroom Notes & Queries Reader Offers Readers' editor Soulmates dating Style guide Syndication services Travel offers TV listings Weather Web guides Working for us Guardian Weekly Public Learn Guardian back issues Observer back issues Guardian Professional

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