The Inner Path

To Hidden Treasures

The Rosemont Way

A Journey of Awakening

The exploration of Ageless Wisdoms

"path of return",

To our true spiritual origin,

is an Illuminating Journey of Awakening.

Seeking happiness

We yearn for Love & Wisdom

A truly Universal divine reunion

In the one.

The Sacred vision of the mystics

Is to know Infinite Eternal Oneness,

The ground of Universal nature,

The Seed of Universal Fellowship.

This Ageless Wisdom is the Heart of Religion.

That which Illumines it is True.

That which obscures it is Not.

The Rosemont Way is to

Experience the beautiful blossoming of Oneness,

On the Mount of this Sacred Moment.

Awaken Thee!

Can we ever doubt the mysterious universal laws underlying all we see and know? Just look at the cycles of life displayed before us in all things from a blade of grass to the sun and galaxies. An alchemical mystery is hinted at when various factors of thoughts and experiences come together to make something familiar, seem new again. A kind of sympathy, a simpatico, is suggested when one thought draws to itself another.

This sense of mystery may be brought to our attention in various ways. It may be stirred up by personal dissatisfaction or doubt; it may arise as Universal love, or a passion for life. When doubts come to the fore I then turn to “The Song of God” the yogi’s bible. The Great Universalist and Yoga Master Paramahansa Yogananda gave the world his commentary on this “Bagavad Gita”, which he declared, is a new scripture, born from an ageless scripture. Here the universal path of return is clearly revealed. The path of the soul is a path of universal love, in service to the beloved. All who are true to their ideals serve that which is beloved to them. Therefore the well-founded advice is often heard “Follow your Dreams”.

As suggested one thing leads to another. I read a thought by a theosophist, Katherine Tingley, she said something like this in her book The Path of the Mystics; “The trouble with most people is that they don’t honor their dreams, which can elevate us all.” Dreams married to creative power can change the world.

A true seeker’s heart embraces dreams of love and goodwill. Why would we manifest dreams of conflict or destruction? May we see what is good, honor the high ideals enthroned in our heart and make them real in our life. Create what is good and you support that dream in others. That is the true path of devotion, to serve the power of good in all that you see.

"Life’s Illuminating Journey of Awakening"

An exploration of a Rosemont Path,

Leads to the Heart Sanctuary of A New Aeon.

A Rosemont suggests a mysterious sacred mountain, which represents divine presence in this moment now.
Blessed by an awareness of that high presence one may discover heavenly roses along the way.

Awareness of this holy presence on this high mysterious mountain of here and now is the challenge of life’s journey,
the question is whether to leave this sacred moment unknown and unexplored
or to elevate our awareness toward the awesome commanding heights of life’s spiritual summit.

The New Aeon is the ageless spirit of divine love and peace, which we may someday, perhaps today come to embody.

A Heart Sanctuary is the temple of your own love and your heart’s dedication where your ideals are enshrined and worshiped.

Embracing the Vision of

Rosemont Journeys

A Rosemont Journey is an inner adventure, exploring Universal paths of Ageless Wisdom, which lead to awakening, and to the illumination of a temple, or sanctuary within the heart of your conscious being. In that temple, awakening to dawning light, you establish an alter of love and truth, thus enabling you to worship eternal oneness through each of your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Some call this Illuminist Path of Awakening, the Tradition of Sacred Science. It is Universal Ageless Wisdom, Ever New. A great Universalist of modern time Yogananda titled his first book the Science of Religion, in which is described a Universalist path. His guru, Sri Yukteshwar titled his great work the Holy Science. Sri Aurobindo titled one of his works The Life Divine, Teilhard de Chardin wrote of The Divine Milieu, Krishnamurti titled one of his great works The Awakening of Intelligence.

Names and paths are many but ultimately all Universal paths are striving to restore our awareness of the nature of Truth, which is our essential divine nature, universal conscious bliss, which resides centered everywhere, yet is unbound.

A path which is creative and applicable in all cultural settings, one which is not restricted by the divisions of dogma, has the markings of a Universalist path; a path which may lead to world peace. This has always been the great need of mankind. Only this question remains; how and when may we achieve it? This is a question A Rosemont Journey must explore. And the answer will be manifest, when we illuminate A Universal, Rosemont Sanctuary for a New Aeon in our Awakened Heart.


Exploring Universal Paths

Illuminating Ageless Wisdom

We can observe how many spiritual teachings have been promulgated throughout the ages and how many books have been written on these many teachings, all of them testaments of faith and understanding. Yet all these faiths and writings act as distractions from the path of truth, if one is not clearly focused on way and means of spiritual awakening.

Spiritual awakening occurs as a process of purification by which ones true nature becomes unveiled by dissolving our illusions of separateness. The sun of our divine nature rising in our vast sky of consciousness acts as a fire of awakening which dissolves the clouds of our delusive separateness. Thus we awaken to our eternal divine presence.

Can more religion and scholarly study advance the cause of spiritual awakening? It’s clear we don’t need another religion. Every new religion is just more of the same we have enough. The religions we have could be revitalized, but reforming individuals reaches more to the root of the matter. Reading books on spiritual topics may enlighten us about these topics, but will not awaken us to the divine presence within us here and now.

The Rosemont Journey suggests a way to encourage spiritual awakening and a means of encouraging universal fellowship. A seeker of universal ageless wisdom may embrace a particular faith while respecting all wisdom blossoms. A Rosemont seeker is one who as a Universalist embracing the divine essence behind all faiths.

A Universalist may be a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jew or none of these. A Universalist may in practice embrace a particular faith, or by honoring the one in all may explore a deeply personal Rosemont path. A Universalist in each moment honors the oneness of all creation. A heart such as this will recognize that a robe of glory enwraps and sanctifies all sincere hearts; thus a universalist honors all paths leading toward the one good. 

There are many ecumenical movements, whose endeavors are to be admired. And all loving heart may Journey on a Rosemont way, but embracing various religions is not the essential intent of A Rosemont Journey. A Rosemont Journey is fully and lovingly embraced by openhearted souls seeking to serve the one in all; by celebrating an end of judgment and displaying a personal culture of Universal Fellowship.

A Rosemont Journey is an expression of Universal love more akin to the way of awakened sages and mystics. The Universal Path is found in the essential teachings of all Mystics, Gnostics & Yogis.  A Rosemont explorer finds one sweetness in all paths whether Christian mystic, Ishmaelian Sufi, Kashmiri Shaivite, Raja Yogi, Dhyana Buddhist or some other way. A Rosemont explorer surely respects the kernel, but worships only it's everlasting sweetness.

The Rosemont Reunion -

A Universal Fellowship

If the concept of A Rosemont Heart Sanctuary for a New Aeon, A New Age Universal path, resonates in harmony with the true desire of your own heart, for your own sake and the sake of this New Aeon, reach out with your mind your heart and hands in service to your brothers and sisters in spirit, who truly are the children of this New Aeon.  

Only together can we fully manifest the ideal of our spiritual fulfillment. In order to manifest the spiritual intent of a Rosemont Heart Sanctuary for a New Aeon you personally are invited to organize individual or group activities in pursuit of the objectives stated herein. 

Our Highest Ideals, to serve our divine nature, is our Dharma, which is our life essence and our purpose, our highest duty. It is the way we are fulfilled and the Path to our liberation from all suffering and confusion. Following our Dharma deepens our awareness of truth, the essence of Love and Wisdom.

Our spiritual awakening depends upon our ability to recognize a divine presence everywhere; in every moment and place and to serve that divine presence in all that we do. Thus I am compelled, for my own benefit to practice this awareness, this remembrance, as best I can every moment. And I know that by thinking about my ideals, seeing them expressed by others and sharing that awareness with those whom I meet will lead me to my Dharma, my fulfillment my happiness. And I know too that if you seek your dharma and share your awakening with me, we both will be closer to our highest goals and Ideals. Thus I feel it is my duty to create opportunities for us to recognize the way and the nature of our Awakening. In service to these Ideals I invite you to explore this Rosemont Way and to embody A Rosemont Fellowship.

Are you willing to offer your heart in support of Universal Fellowship activities?  Here are some ways to support & promote the ideals of A Rosemont Journey – “Exploring Paths of Ageless Wisdom” and A Rosemont Fellowship – “A Heart Sanctuary for A New Aeon”.

A personal pledge

Study papers, 

presentation classes, 



study groups, 


community building, 

pilgrimage and  other group activities 

The objective of these suggested activities is to begin manifesting in our lives the divine nature of A Rosemont Journey to the Heart Sanctuary of the New Aeon . These activities may lead to the creation of a well-rounded, diverse, serviceful community of truth seekers, creating opportunities for each other to express our very own inner truth and beauty.

Awaken to The Sacred Moment

Our Ideals are like perfect diamonds, our dreams are not imaginary, they are talismans of great power, jewels of incalculable value. Perhaps you remember the great Platonic ideals, which are the Good & the Beautiful. These are the ideals we awaken to when we surrender ourselves to an open & honest participation in the sacred nature of our relationship in the world. When we honor our life, and the lifes of others we are empowered and we empower each other though the sacred ceremony of our awakening, the intent of which was to empower our individual awareness of the One, to more fully awaken to our soulful nature, by honoring the sacred and holistic nature of all life. This process of empowerment is nurtured though participation and communal awareness.

I must share with you some of the ideals which I want to be more awakened in me. Being awakened to our deepest ideals , means our ideals become even more real to us, they are not then just an idle dream we too easily forget. Living our ideals they become reality, and this is why we need each other, and we need to share and support each others highest ideals. As a yogi a part of me has always assumed that my union with the divine was first to be discovered in private with God alone and then reflected in the world. While in a sacred moment, honoring the sacred relationship between lover & beloved, I now more truly see that the Good & the Beautiful are truly, always and forever embodied in this world, anxiously awaiting our awakening.

It is our sacred duty to be fully attentive and thus worthy of awakening to this reality. It is because we have not fully honored the sacred nature of the world, in our relationships and in our selves that we have not found our true heavenly home, which is actually right here before us. How can we see our heavenly home more clearly? By offering all of life our awakened presence. Recognizing and honoring the sacred essence in all life we accomplish our awakening. Through life’s sacred ceremony of surrendering love and recognizing the beloved, our lives honor what is good & beautiful. The hidden key, which unlocks the door to our dreams, is to honor the sacred nature of life. Looking on all life with the eyes of a lover, you may simply practice honoring life’s sacred presence. Say to yourself “This thought, this feeling, this object before me is a sacred vessel”.

Let this be the sacred nature of our awareness, our shared presence. With our awakened presence may we recognize the sacred nature of each of us . Looking into each other’s eyes may we bestow a sacred empowerment though our mutual recognition. All that we see is a great community, whether we see it in conflict or in harmony, in balance or disorder, in growth or destruction. Awakened, may wisdom guide us toward what is good, what is beautiful.

The Buddha declared there are three Precious Jewels, First is the Buddha, “The Awakened One, Knower of the Lover and Beloved” Second is Dharma, “The Sacred Nature of Life”, Third is Satsanga, “The Truth of our Oneness”. When we recognize the very real power and priceless value of these three precious gems, and truly see these precious ideals in each other’s eyes, we shall know what we are and what we must do.

Nasmaste’ Blessings!

A Rosemont Journey

If the Universal purpose of one's life is to seek fulfillment 

Then one must ask, "What is the prize?”
Is it a deep, palpable understanding of truth and purpose?
Is it to taste our divine essence, born of Love and Wisdom?
In pursuit of life's purpose,
A true seeker is engaged in "a Journey of Awakening".  

 The Awakened One's are all Revivalists, 

Encouraging sincere seekers, their chelas,   

To explore the Universal Path of Ageless Wisdom.
Yet the Awakened One's create no religion. 

Living Truth, they are ever awake to one divine eternal presence.

Here is the path of Ageless Wisdom

-In this moment Awaken Thee!

Breath, feel and see the Universal Presence 

of eternal, hallowed, ineffable,
peace and joy.
Understand its true nature
Awakening Thee,

Now, Awaken Me.

Embracing this Path, I am all for thee!
And thou for me, and we are one together.

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