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                                       What are some of the things that the Holy Bible tell me about, SNOW?
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Q. What is snow?..A..Snow is cold..Proverbs 25:13..Snow is water..Job 9:30..If snow is cold, and snow is water, then, snow
  is cold water
..Snow is purified water..Lamentations 4:7..If snow is cold water, and snow is purified water, then, snow is cold,
  purified water
..Snow is, flakes of [purified] frozen water..Water can be purified.

Q. Where is the snow?..A.. Snow is hidden..Job 6:15,16..Snow is hidden in the liquid and frozen water of streams and brooks.

Q. Where does snow come from?..A..Snow comes from the [air] atmosphere..Isaiah 55:10..A..Snow comes from rocks..
  Jeremiah 18:14..
Snow comes from rocks of the field..The LORD God gave the Israelites water to drink from a rock of flint..
  Deuteronomy 8:14,15..
He opened the rock, and the waters gushed out; they ran in the dry places like a river..Psalm 105:41..
Water gushes..Water runs..Water runs over the dry land..The water that runs over the dry land is called, runoff.

Q.  How did the snow get into the rock?..A..During wet weather, water soaks down into the earth, and it's rocks..Some of
  the water enters the rocks through cracks,
and gets trapped..Water that gets trapped in rocks is then stored in the rock..Water
  can be stored
..He clave the rocks in the wilderness, and gave them drink as out of the great depths..He brought streams also
  out of the rock, and caused waters to run down like rivers
..Rivers run..Rivers run down..Rivers of water can be stored in rock.

Q. How does snow get into the [air] atmosphere?..A.. Snow does not return to the sky in the form of snow..Isaiah 55:10..
Water can be changed..Water can be liquid..Water can be frozen..and, water can be vapour..Genesis 2:6..Job 6:15-17..Hot and
  cold, cause water to change
into liquid water, into frozen water, and into water vapour.

A..When the water that is frozen is warmed, the ice melts, and becomes liquid water..When the water that is liquid  is
the water [evaporates] dries up, and becomes [mist Genesis 2:6] water vapour that rises up out of the water, and
  vanishes into the [air] atmosphere..James it rises high into the sky..Job 6:17,15-17..Job 24:19..Heat causes the
  water that was snow to get into the air.

Q. Where does the heat come from that causes water to change?..A..The heat that causes water to change, comes from the
..Matthew 13:6..Mark 4:6..James 1:11
AThe sun is big..Genesis 1:16..The sun is a light..Jeremaih 31:35..The sun is a big light..Light comes from fire..Nehemiah
The sun is a fire..Revelation 16:8,9..The sun is a big fire..Fire is hot..Proverbs 6:28..The sun is a big hot fire..Heat
  comes out of fire
..Isaiah 44:16..John 18:18..If fire is hot, and the sun is a big, hot, fire, then, big, hot, heat, comes out of the
..Exodus 16:21..Nehemiah 7:3..1 Samuel 11:9..Psalm 19:6..Matthew 13:6..Mark 4:6..James 1:11..The sun is a light..
  Genesis 1:14-18..
Light is hot..Psalm 78:48..Light travels..Hosea 6:5..Light travels to the earth from the sun..Genesis 1:14-18..
If the sun is a light, and light is hot, and light travels to the earth from the sun, then, hot light is travelling to the earth, from,
  the big light of the sun
..The heat and hot light which is travelling to the earth from the the big fiery sun, warmed a piece of
  manna that was lying upon the face of the ground and caused it to melt
..Exodus 16:21..The heat, and hot light, of the fiery
  sun, travels all the way from space
..Psalm 19:6,4-6..and causes water from [plants] blades of grass all over the earth..James
to [evaporate..dry up] change [states] into vapour, and vanish..James 4:14..into the air..Genesis 2:6..The heat of the
  sun, causes
the hidden snow, in rocks, streams, and brooks, to [dry up] evaporate into the [air] atmosphere..Job 6:17,15-17..
  Job 24:19..
The atmosphere contains moisture..The invisible water in the atmosphere is called, water vapour, and, [gas] mist..
  Genesis 2:6..Psalm 135:7..Jeremiah 10:13..Jeremiah 51:16

  Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow? or hast thou seen the treasures of the hail? Job 38:22,23

Q. How does vapour get out of the air, and turn into snow?..A..He giveth snow like wool..Psalm 147:16..For he saith to the
  snow, Be thou on the earth;
Job 37:6..God is great..Psalm 95:3..Deuteronomy 10:17..God is a sun..Psalm 84:11..God is a
  consuming fire
..Deuteronomy 4:24..Deuteronomy 9:3..Hebrews 12:27..The sun is hot..Exodus 16:21..1 Samuel 11:9..
  Nehemiah 7:3..Psalm 19:6..Matthew 13:6..Mark 4:6..James 1:21..
If God is great, and God is a sun, and God is a consuming
  fire, and the sun is hot, then,
the sun is a great hot consuming fire, and, the sun gives snow like wool..Psalm 147:16..and, the
  sun saith to the snow, Be thou on the earth;
..Job 37:6..The great hot consuming fire of the sun, speaks hot, and cold, to the
..The LORD also thundered in the heavens, and the Highest gave his voice; hailstones and coals of fire..Psalm 18:13
Snow is cold..Proverbs 25:13..Snow comes out of the atmosphere, high in the sky..Isaiah 55:10..If snow is cold, and snow
  comes out of the atmosphere, high in the sky, then,
high in the atmosphere, it is cold..Snow is water..Job 9:8.If snow is cold,
  and snow is water then,
snow is cold water, and if snow is cold water, and snow comes out of the atmosphere, then, cold
  water comes out of the atmosphere
..Snow is pure water..Lamentations 4:7..If snow is pure water, and snow is cold water,
snow is cold purified water, and if snow comes out of the atmosphere high in the sky, then, cold, purified water comes
  out of the atmosphere high in the sky,
and if cold purified water comes out of the atmosphere high in the sky,  then, water
  that is taken up from the earth,
is purified, during the water cycle.

A. High in the atmosphere cold causes water to freeze out of the air as snow.

Q. Why is it cold high in the atmosphere?..A..Heat lifts the atmosphere..Psalm 107:25..Warm air rises..Job 6:15-17..Job 24:19..
As the vapour filled atmosphere rises, it [expands] spreads..Job 9:8..and the [air] atmosphere loses heat..When water vapour
  condenses out of the air,
billions of tiny droplets of water cling to particles of dust..Nahum 1:3..and join together to form
..Job 26:8..and the wind carries the clouds, about in the sky, when the clouds are [full] heavy, they empty the water,
  back down over the earth
..Job 36:27,28..Eclesiaistes 11:3

When snow falls down upon the earth, and is warmed, the snow melts into water, and the water runs down mountains, and
through streams, and brooks, and valleys, and rivers, and over the earth, some of the water soaks into the ground, and
  some of the water gets into rocks through cracks
..Water is continually moving in a cycle from the earth to the sky, and then
  back to the earth,
that cycle is called, The Water Cycle..All of the earths waters, came from, and eventually return to, the  sea.
  Ecclesiastes 1:7

Water [the purified water of snow] makes the earth bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower, and [food] bread
  to the eater. Isaiah 55:10

The clothing of [God] the Ancient of Days is as white as snow..Daniel 7:9..The Angel of the Lord's clothing was as white as
..Matthew 28:2,3..When Jesus Christ went up into the high mountain, and was transfigured, his clothing became
exceeding white as snow; so as no fuller on earth can white them. Mark 9:2,3

When I am washed from my sins, I will be, whiter than snow..Psalm 51:7..Isaiah 1:18

Snow falls in Lebanon..Jeremiah 8:14..Snow can fall in summer..Proverbs 26:1..Snow can fall in harvest..Proverbs 25:13..
  Snow falls on mountains..Psalm Psalm 68:14..Snow fell on the mountain of Salmon in Samaria..Psalm 68:14..When it snows
  it is cold
..Proverbs 25:13..When it snows it is white..Psalm 68:14..The snow that fell on the mountain of Salmon in Samaria
  was white
..Psalm 68:14..I can wash myself with snow water, and make my hands, ever so white..Water is a cleansing agent.
  Job 9:30

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