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Why Donate One Dollar to Wayne's Family?

Reason 1

Donating a single dollar will make us all feel better!  You will feel like the sharing & caring person you are, and we will feel better, because someone cared enough to donate just one dollar.


Reason 2

Giving just $1 will most likely not really impact your life.  However, it could greatly impact the life of others; think of it as buying someone a cup of coffee.  It will give you a warm, fuzzy feeling, knowing you did a good thing!


Reason 3

You are not giving money to a drunk, a drug addict, a gambler, an outlaw or a terrorist.  You are not giving money to a pyramid scheme or a chain-letter.   Simply put, you are giving us honest Americans, the gift of one dollar.


Reason 4

You are giving someone a chance at something much better.  Very few people have an opportunity to really impact someone's life in huge way; you now have that opportunity!


Who Is Wayne's Family, Anyway?

I am 41 years old, happily married to Rose my wife and have one daughter named Anny.  We are not desperately poor, but We are certainly not rich, by any stretch of the imagination.  We are law-abiding, American citizen's of Native American, French, English, Russian & Mexican descent, who loves our country and hopes that you will donate only $1 to our cause; our lives. 

I am a independent contractor (handyman) for a  mobile home manufacturing company in California and entrepreneur and make a meager living, being honest and hard working.


Why Wayne's Family?

Why not?  We do not drink or use drugs and We do not gamble.  We are not a bums; We do not stand on the side of the road with a little sign begging for food - Not to imply that all of the "sign bearers" are unworthy bums, as some are.  We have given our share of dollars in our life's to help others.


Why Only One Dollar?

One dollar can usually be parted with, without too much stress or hardship.  Would we stand a chance if we asked for a thousand?  I don't think so.  Besides, many people have more than that laying in an ashtray, in their sofa, or on the floor of their car.  Don't misunderstand - We will take larger donations too!


Where the Dollar Will Go - Exactly?

Most donations 75%, will go to my daughters college fund for her to study to be a doctor to help others. Honestly it can help put food on the table and clothes on the backs of my family as well as provide shelter.  We will buy necessities and also pay bills.  Excess (if any) will be put towards buying a cheap home.


Why are We Doing This

 Too see if strangers donate one dollar to a family that needs a little helping hand.  I have spent years watching crooks get rich by cheating and stealing.  So, I know that the crooked way works as we see it every day - now let's see if the honest way works.

Simply put - this an honest way to sustain finances.  We will never cheat anyone out of a dollar, and that is why we are stating the truth on this website.  We refuse to lie to get any money, We will not steal it, and we would rather not borrow it.  We will not twist ideas to make money and we cannot be deceptive.


How Can I Donate?

You may send your donation to:

Wayne Noel
PO Box 653
Dinuba, CA 93654 USA

Would you like to make a statement, or tell me how you feel?  You are welcome to!  Email Me or Contact Me using the online form.  I do not sell, or otherwise provide your email address to third parties.  You will not receive emails from me except to say thank you, or by your request.

A Note

 I just wanted to thank you for stopping by.  If you can donate just one-dollar we would be sincerely grateful.  If you cannot, we understand that too and we wish you all the best in your life.  May you forever be free of hardship, hunger and loneliness.



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