This is the list of Federico Marcon

Drums: Keith Moon (or J. Bonham for a steady beat)

Bass: John Entwistle

Guitars: Jimi Hendrix, Fripp and Clapton

Vocals: F. Mercury and J. Morrison

Piano: J. Evans

Keyboard & synths: Keith Emerson

Organ: Ray Manzarek

Flute: Ian Anderson, do you know any other?

Viola: J. Cale

Lyricists: B. Dylan, K. Reid and J. Lennon

Songwriters: Lennon & McCartney

Composers: B. Eno, R. Fripp, F. Zappa, Lennon & McCartney

Inspirations and ideas: Syd Barret

Arranger: George Martin

Musical direction: Syd Barrett (uuuuuuhhhh carrellino matto!!!)

This is the superband of Joel Larsson

Singer: Peter Gabriel

Guitarist: Jimi Hendrix

Bass player: Jaco Pastorius(Tony Levin! Rather two bassists than two guitaists!

Drummer / percussionist: Bill Bruford

Keyboards: Keith Emerson

Oleg Sobolev's big band

Vocals: Freddie Mercury

First electric guitar: Ritchie Blackmore

Second electric guitar: Eric Clapton

Third electric guitar: Steve Hackett

Flamenco guitar: Paco De Lucia

First acoustic guitar: David Gilmour

Second acoustic guitar: Mark Knopfler

Brian May's Red Axe guitar: Brian May

First bass: John Entwistle

Second bass: Chris Squire

Third bass and Stick: Tony Levin

Organ: Jon Lord

Moog: Keith Emerson

Mellotron, synth: Tony Banks

Piano: John Evans

Flute: Ian Anderson

First violin: David Cross

Second violin: Shankar

Soprano saxophone: Mel Collins

Alto saxophone: Ian McDonald

Tenor-saxophone: Dave Jackson

First drums: Cozy Powell

Second drums: Keith Moon

First percussion: Phil Collins

Second percussion: Bill Bruford

The Phoenix Horns: Louis Satterfield (trombone); Rahmlee, Michael Davis and Michael Harris (trumpets); Peter Robinson (prophet)

Horn arrangements: Dave Jackson and Tom Tom

Arrangements: Brian May and George Martin

Songwriters: John Lennon / Paul McCartney, Ian Anderson, Peter Gabriel

Composers: Tony Banks, Robert Fripp, Ritchie Blackmore, Roger Waters, Freddie Mercury

Textwriters: Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel, Peter Hammill, Ian Anderson, Roger Waters, Tony Banks, Ian Anderson

Love songs textwriters: Paul McCartney, Phil Collins and Freddie Mercury

Music videos: Peter Gabriel

Concepts: Ray Davies, Roger Waters and Peter Gabriel

Musical ideas: Syd Barrett, John Lennon, Peter Gabriel and Robert Fripp

Albums covers: Roger Dean and Hipgnosis

Tour management: Tony Stratton-Smith

Producers: Brian Epstein, Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins

Ratko Hribar's ideal band

Drums: Ian Paice

Bass: Geezer Butler & John Entwistle

Guitars: Ritchie Blackmore & Tony Iommi

Vocals: Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan & Roger Daltrey

Piano: Rick Wakeman

Keyboard & synths: Keith Emerson & Don Airey

Organ: Jon Lord

Flute: Ian Anderson

Lyrics: Bob Dylan

Songwriters: John Lennon & Paul McCartney

Producers: George Martin & Bob Ezrin

Ayoze García's superband

Vocals: Grace Slick and Corin Tucker

Electric guitar: Carrie Brownstein

Acoustic Guitar: Joni Mitchell

Piano: Rickie Lee Jones

Organ: Carole King

Bass: Tina Weymouth

Drums: Janet Weiss

Percussion: Moe Tucker and Ruth Underwood

This is the superband of Brad Langoulant

Bass: Paul McCartney

Guitar: George Harrison

Guitar: John Lennon

Drums: Ringo Starr

This is Gianni Martinelli's superband:

Vocals: Freddie Mercury and Lou Reed

Lead Guitars: Eric Clapton, Mick Taylor and David Gilmour

Rhythm guitars: Keith Richards and Pete Townshend

Slide guitar: Duane Allman

Piano: Chuck Leavell

Organ: Ray Manzarek

Bass guitar: John Entwhistle and Bill Wyman

Drums: Keith Moon

Every other instrument you can think of: Brian Jones

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