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No-One Else a.k.a. N.O.E. is an all chick band from San Clemente, CA. They have been together since may of 1999. Their sound is quite unique, ranging from alternative to pop punk to emo. These girls sure can rock!!!
   They weren't always N.O.E. When they first formed they were called "The Patheticals". It was pathetic but everyone has to start somehow. There was like 7 people in the band. Jonh Fullwood, from Society's Regects a.k.a. The Jonh, Tony, and Cole band, was the lead guitarist of The Patheticals and as he says was the sole talent of the band. Whatever!
  After a couple of the members bailed out and the kicking out of other members Teeny, Gemma, and Lee Lee decided it was time to start a 3 peice band of their own. Then with a couple of name changes, scratch that, with a lot of name changes they became No-One Else a.k.a. N.O.E.
   Teeny the drummer is self taught and has been player for about  2 years. The only lessons she has had was one by the drummer of 2000 lbs. of Blues. He taught her all the parts of a drumset. After that she learned her first beat from the drummer of Fugoid/bass player of Absolute. Now she is slammin' on the drums.
  Gemma the Guitarist/vox is also pretty much self taught. She has had some lessons by her father but other than that she is a natural at the guitar. Her voice is very beautiful. Its like no other. With her soft soothing voice  she'll put a spell on you. A spell of beauty and imagination.
  Then there is the very beautiful Lee Lee. She play the bass/vox. She is also a self taught talent. She sure can play that bass. Her voice is deep, melodic, and beautiful. It captures every emotion with every pitch. She will move you and you'll be coming back for more.
  These girls are remarkable. They are also very young. With ages 17-18 years old. They are talented and are sure to become a hit. When they arrive in your town be sure to check them out.  You won't be able to get enough of them. PEACE!!! >:)
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N.O.E. is O.C's hottest new alternative/pop punk/emo band. Check them out.
our info:
Name: N.O.E.
[email protected]
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