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On March 31, the Selective Service System (SSS) had to report to President Bush that it is ready to implement the draft within 75 days notice. Right now, the SSS is staffing local draft boards, training volunteer registrars to work on high school and college campuses, and streamlining its induction process. They have also gained access to the Department of Education's computer files, to ensure maximum registration. (See Campaign To Protect Students' Privacy)

It is clear that the Bush Administration is preparing for a draft. They are desperate for new soldiers to continue the occupation of Iraq and to prepare for new wars against Iran, Syria, and elsewhere.

At the same time that Bush is looking to youth to supply cannon fodder for his wars, he is busy cutting financial aid and slashing social programs. The same young people that Bush wants to use to fight his wars are finding it harder to pay for their education, find jobs that pay a living wage, or obtain basic necessities, like health care or affordable housing.

It is time for young people, who are already under attack from the Bush Administration, to take a stand.

On March 31, the same day that the Selective Service System is reporting that the draft is ready to go, youth all over the country will report that they will refuse to go.

Local No Draft, No Way organizers and other anti-draft activists are planning protests, walkouts, and direct action at recruiting centers, selective service offices, and other sites. We call upon students, youth, and antiwar activists to organize local actions and counter-recruiting teams say "No Draft, No Way!"

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March 31, 2005 Anti-Draft Protests Took Place Across The Country click here to read reports
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The Pentagon has a campaign underway to attract 100,000 new recruits into the U.S. Armed Forces. No Draft, No Way has a campaign to attract 100,000 young people to pledge that they will refuse military conscription.
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