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If you are interested in circulating a petition in your neighborhood (or elsewhere within the Town of Gilbert) that contains the following text, please contact Guy Mullins and arrange to obtain copies of the petition and coordinate which areas you would like to cover.


Text of Petition: October 2003
We oppose any large retail or “big box” store such as a Wal-Mart, being built on the South-East corner of Gilbert and Warner Roads.
We ask that the Town of Gilbert uphold the existing ordinances, specifically Ordinances 617 and 725, which prohibit the construction of "neighborhood center anchors such as large grocery or drug stores" and "drive-in restaurants” in this area. These Ordinances clearly outline the use and design for the development of the property to be a "pedestrian-oriented civic and retail mall" – a community scale destination spot oriented around Civic Center functions with mixed-use municipal and civic core areas.
This petition declares our support for upholding the use & design specifications of Ordinances 617 & 725, and declares our opposition to large-scale retail on property originally designed to be a Town of Gilbert civic core.

Thank you for you support.

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