Ordinance 617


Section II. D

            11.  "The vehicular circulation between the Municipal Parcel and the 40 acre Office Parcel as described in Ex. A, shall be considered conceptual.  A final vehicle circulation plan shall afford the use of shared parking, pedestrian plazas and links between the sites and shall be approved with the final site plan approval.

            14.  At the option of the Town, Developer shall provide a lake within the Municipal Parcel which links to the open space system; final design shall be approved prior to final plat approval for that phase.

            15.  The commercial uses in the Project shall conform to the uses recommended in the Mountain West Study attached as Ex. J."

            Exhibit C -- Landscape Conceptual Plan

            Exhibit D -- Architectural Character

            Exhibit J -- Mountain West Study (Aug. 12, 1986)

                    Pages 18 & 19, 5.0 Land Use Recommendations For Settler's Point

            "In addition to these three cores, it is our opinion that the Settler's Point PAD is an appropriate location for another core.  The Settler's Point core will be oriented around the Civic Center functions.  Municipal, federal agency offices, and other government entities should form the basis for this core.  These uses will create demand for additional professional and general office space in the vicinity.

           Besides these office functions, it is our recommendation that the Civic Center Core become a true, mixed-use development.  A community scale retail center and other specialty retail development should be included to create a good pedestrian environment.  The retail development encouraged should not be oriented toward traditional, neighborhood center anchors such as large grocery or drug stores.  It will be important that the retail development that does occur in the Civic Center Core differentiate itself from the typical neighborhood center development that is likely to occur at other intersections.  The Civic Center Core image should be as a destination for residents of the Town of Gilbert."



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