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Back at Uni, page will slowly be coming together... not that anybody ever reads this unless I shove it down their inbox. ;)  Sluggy Book 7 has arrived, everyone rejoice damn you!  Anyhow, I gotta head of and develop some films, so see ya lata.  Colin... hmm, I will link those photos, don't you worry.

(14th October, in a world of my own... hey Chip, you there?  Mail me!)
The world has gone utterly bonkers, Farscape is cancelled, what the hell???  There seems some depths that are always stooped to.  Please, if you're a fan, or friend of a fan (they'll love you), please write to the Sci-Fi channel, and you can find out more and find more links at Caitlin R. Kiernan's weblog.  I found out from Neil Gaiman's journal, probably the worst thing I'd ever read on there.  Supporters graphics @ The Save Farscape Page.  Thank you so much, but time is of the essence!

(9th September, the alarum bells still ringeth, somebody save Moya!)
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