28-10-2001 The final was played well, NOD were second out of five with Nu-Jacuzi winning and King Tabasco being 3rd, WELL DONE to everyone!!! In the senior category Firstborn won it being a couple of points away from VD who in my opinion were the best and that left KIA being 3rd out of 3, they were all good though with 5 points separating all 3 bands!! Thanks to DAIUS for going onto stage and dancing. And thanks to the whole 'NOD SQUAD'
13-04-02 Nod preformed in a Headstock gig supporting Payback. It was said by Jacob ' this was our best gig ever man! ' and i agree. They played really well with more audience participtation than before. Dan, Dauis and Greg join the guys for an Eagle eye cherry song with no prior warning. You were great guys!
Nod shirts will soon be available for a low low price soon to be set. they will have a graphic on the back drawn by Alexs dad. They will be available soon if u are interested or want one please email me.
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