Summer time--2001
July 2001
**Chelsea received straight A's all this year--She will be a fourth grader in the fall.!  We're so PROUD of all her hard work!
**Chelsea's having a blast in Denver this summer visiting with her Nana and Gramp.
**Girl Scouts out for the summer but they will come together again when school starts.  Cookies anyone?
**We're planning a week at Nags Head in late July.  It will be a great time..
**Check out Chelsea's artwork below.
Ryan, 9 lbs 12.5 oz, 21 inches
Leslie & Rob
Mommy & Chelsea
Look here!
Our Family
Ryan 3 mos--12/2000
Ryan's first visitors
Life is quit busy these days...Chelsea is 9 and Ryan is 9 months...with four teeth and a big temper!  He's growning so much...doing new things everyday.  Chelsea is a wonderful big sister.  She loves Ryan so much....and, Ryan adores her.
Hallowe'en costumes---->
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Last day of 1st grade
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Rock Climbing with Chelsea
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End of school awards
Our SuperBee
Father/Daughter Dance for Me!
~~Well, now the fun begins!  Ryan and Chelsea fit like gloves.  Chelsea really enjoys having a brother.  She checks on him a lot and provides reports to us. 
~~We're having a great time watching Ryan change from day to day.  He's creeping and crawling and drooling a lot. 
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**My flower garden is incredible this will be wonderful next year when all the fruits of my work will show much more brightly.
-->my flowers!
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Our Niece Morgan
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Alex the Cat
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