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News 11 November 2002
SIGN OR VIEW THE GUESTBOOK.                                                                                                                  If ne of u pple wanna help me build dis page, click here to mail me n' i'll give u the passwords and otha shit.

News 11 November 2002
This page
This b the hip-hop central. This page contains all the shit u need 2 no about the rappers listed in the left menu. Dis site also contains other shit like photo of the month, site of the month and shit like that. If u want me 2 put ur site on site of the month, click here to mail me and ill put it on if i like it. Also note that dis site is still unda construction. 

News 11 November 2002
New Tupac double cd
The New Tupac double cd "Better Dayz" is gonna be in stores November 28th. Below is the cover of the album.



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